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Peter has been practicing Taiji since 2006, has lead circling and surrendered leadership since 2015 and has been offering Body Therapy since 2018.
We exist in a world where everything is happening in and as relationship. From the simple truths of taiji and bodywork to the complexity of Actor Network Theory, most of the stuff I find interesting these days deals with relationships – focusing on what is going on between elements, rather than on the elements themselves.

The last 15 years of my life has been a journey of unlearning fixed patterns of mind and body, trusting experience rather than dogma. In 2006 I fell in love with taiji chuan and has been practicing on a daily basis ever since. I have trained with masters in the USA, Canada and Taiwan and while I am certainly no master myself I have a good understanding of the practice and can teach at a high level.

I have been leading circling and surrendered leadership since 2015 and consider myself to be one of the most experienced circling leaders in Europe. Circling has really opened the relational field for me and has brought me into much deeper resonance with my surroundings as I am willing to show more of myself and to sense more into others.

I am one of the core creators of the Danish Authentic Relating Festival and one of the creators of the Authentic Relating practices (from partner dancing to circling) has given me some of my most profound learning experiences in the last 5 years of my life.

Since 2017 I have been practicing intuitive bodywork and in 2019 I started on the Manuvision Body Therapy education. Working intimately with bodies have opened a new realm of human existence for me and keeps presenting new mysteries.

Skillful living for me concerns harmonious relating. To my body-being. To others. To society. And to nature. The practices I teach and promote are all meant to improve your relationships and allow you to lead a more skillful and harmonious life.
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