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Passion to explore the potential of touch, breath, presence, and movement. Curiosity to get in touch with what is present here and now.
In my own journey, I am stumbling upon understanding better what is true for me in the present moment and who I am, by myself and in relation to others. Some years ago I realized a deep longing to work in a field that brings me closer to feeling authentic and somewhat real. Today, I try to answer this longing by working with another human and connecting on the level of touch, emotions, and energies.

By far practices and modalities that shaped me and resonated with me the most were body therapy, breathwork practices, Circling, Osho meditations, ecstatic dance, and kriya yoga practice.

My primary background is body therapy in a modality called Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) in which I am undergoing the education. Fascia is a connective tissue, which creates a web connecting all our muscles and organs. Over the last decades, more and more studies indicate that fascia's role is substantial in the processes of releasing chronic tensions, holdings, muscle spasms, pains, and also embodied traumas. The highlight here is looking at the body in a more interconnected way, rather than separated muscles or bone structures.

During the session, you might experience deep relaxation, releasing tensions, pain reduction, and rising the connection to your body and breath. I come from the approach that our physical, emotional, and energetical bodies are interrelated in a beautiful way. It implies that each body treatment opens the door for exploration on the emotional level with the possibility to access, process, and let go of various holdings and patterns over time.

I am also undergoing the education in Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS). This work connects components of breath, touch, movement, and meditation. Its basis emerged from the work of Wilhelm Reich and described by him belts of tensions and Peter Levine and his approach to work with traumas (pendulation and titration).

"Mateusz has warm, caring hands and a natural ability to calm the body and mind. I have been deeply relaxed after each session and walked home with a stronger sense of grounding."

"I can definitely recommend a massage with Mateusz. He creates a space where you can feel safe, seen, and taken care of. Even though he works on areas that can be tense and painful, he massages with love and care. His attention is with you and his calmness infects you."

Donation-based with a suggested price of 300,- for 1.5-hour treatment.

My vision is to make it accessible for everyone.
Feel welcomed to pay less. Feel welcomed to pay more to support my further education and those who cannot pay today.

Feel welcomed to contact me in case you have any questions.

Mateusz Jedrzejewski
+45 52827644

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