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Kristian is educated in sports science with a lifelong passion for movement. He facilitates free form dance, but also has a strong practice of yoga and meditation. He is curious about human connection, health, embodiment and psychology.
I facilitate free form dance inspired by 5rythms, meaning that it is a guided practice that builds up in a waveform, to end in stillness resembling the yogic savasana. My intention with this practice is connection to self and to others, it is healing, it is allowing emotions to flow and be expressed, it is understanding oneself better, but it is most importantly joyfulness.

I put a lot of care into what kind of inspiration or type of movement I want around each track of the workshop. It is a designed journey meant to inspire rather than force movement. I always spend time in the beginning creating a circle, so that we can breathe and connect a bit, emphasizing that it is a co-created space of vulnerability and free expression, and that whatever feeling comes up is allowed.
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