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Bodyworker. Integration facilitator. Counselor on augmented healing practices.
In 2014 I finished my Master's degree in Nanoscience at KU. My thesis project was in an experimental physics laboratory, during which time I learned a lot, only a minor portion of which was related to quantum physics. It was challenging, but ultimately the very linear lifestyle of academia did not suit me to continue the scientific career.

In parallel to this, in my early twenties I had discovered psychedelics, approaching them with healthy respect and the scientific approach I had learned in university. This approach served me well, and the experiences piqued my curiosity towards towards spiritual and existential matters, leading me also to sit several silent mindfulness retreats.

After graduating, I had somewhat satisfied my curiosity about the physical nature of the universe we inhabit, but was still at a loss regarding the emotional, relational and spiritual world of humans. The next years were spent exploring laterally, involving myself in cultural projects, travels, music - mostly singing, medicine work and viking reenactment.

In 2017 I joined the ManuVision school of somatic therapy, which gave me a foundation in both the technical skills of bodywork and inhabiting the role as a therapist, and I have been practicing bodywork since, and am a certified trainer. ManuVision also helped foster in me an awareness of the embodied and physical aspects of our well-being.

All the while, my initial psychedelic experiences continued into an ongoing relationship with entheogenic practices. From trying things out of curiosity, I continued to explore how "plant medicines" could integrate positively into one's life via facilitating healing, spiritual breakthroughs and shifts in fundamental existential perspectives. Besides my own journeys, either private, with peer groups or in ceremonies, I have also volunteered as tripsitter in a harm reduction space at Boom festival, and facilitated or assisted in ceremonies, giving me a diverse range of experience in this colourful field across medicines, approaches, settings and situations.

I find that the transfornative power of these and other practices is evident. I believe that it is the skilful application that allows positive development, and the haphazard use can cause the opposite. In 2019 I became chairman of Psykedelisk Samfund (The Psychedelic Society of Denmark), in service to the evolving community. In my personal practice I also offer counseling to those interested in exploring some of these paths, either recreationally, ceremonially or therapeutically,
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