First NameRolando
Last NameYunquera
Website (URL)
Elevator pitch"For me improv theatre and improvisation is much more than standing on a stage and perform. It is a training to become an even better human being."

Inspired by various art forms and self development systems, e.g. improvised comedy theatre, physical and classical training techniques, Wheel of Consent, Access Consciousness and others, I aim to motivate and stimulate the often suppressed natural skillsets with which human beings are born with:

  • Creativity and curiosity.
  • Support and respect for oneself and others.
  • Awareness, perception, and focus.
  • Courage and confidence.
  • Trust and openness .
  • Critical thinking and collaboration.
  • Emotional and clear expression.

I want to inspire people to develop, and help people reconnect with themselves and others through fun, open and motivating classes. My goal is to foster an environment in which people at any level can move and evolve, both physically and emotionally. Becoming more mindful of themselfs, their senses, and their surroundings. Hopefully this experience will bring an openness, spontaneity, and embrace that will develop them as human beings.

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