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Anežka has worked as a yoga and mindfulness instructor since 2010 and as a Circling leader since 2020. She is especially interested in facilitating for young adults.

I have been on a journey from practicing yoga since I was a young teenager aspiring to be an engineer, to becoming a engineer in biochemistry that now works with facilitating Circling and mindfulness workshops and teaches in a progressive, innovation-based secondary school.

My curiosity has for many years lead me to study neurophysiology and psychology, and since 2015 I have explored and trained in different authentic relating practices. In 2020 I graduated Circling Europe's 6 months Circling training.

Through my work as a teacher I have experience with mentoring special need-students and trauma-informed spaces, and it has been a dear exploration for me to understand how to create spaces where people feel open to explore and express them selves. Working with teenagers has given me a deeper understanding of power dynamics in groups and between teacher/student, and how this affects the possibilities to feel safe.

If you are interested in workshops about connection, mindfulness or personal development for adults or teenagers, please reach out to me at

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