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What I want here in Relational Space is to pass on those beautiful practices, that have brought more connectedness into my life.
I facilitate circling and kakao ceremonies. For me those are practices that bring me into a more intimate connection with myself and others.

This is something that I have been longing for all of my life, and I have tried to make it happen with a lot of dedication, effort and good questions. It has worked out to some extend, but I have exhausted myself.

These are practices that for me are ways to go very deep without aiming to go anywhere. They are meditative, slow and explorative, and they invite to experience our emotions, longings and sensations in intimate connection with our selves and each other.

As facilitator I prepare my events by setting up exercises and atmosphere to create a warm and welcoming intention. And from there I aim to surrender to what ever the participants bring to our experience.

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