Taiji, qigong and standing meditation

I started practicing taiji (and the related practices of qigong and standing meditation) in 2006 and have done it on an (almost) daily basis since then. I don’t remember what initially attracted me to taiji, but I remember feeling that this was something I wanted to dedicate myself to from the beginning. In this article […]

A deeper sense of service

One night last week I was sitting on a beach with a friend, feeling completely amazed by seeing her in her power. As we were sitting there it was as if I could see mythical world around us and her as a magical being. It felt very new for me. I felt humbled sitting there. […]

On courage

Courage is the ability to follow your heart, even though you are afraid. This relatively simple exercise seems to be one of the hardest things for me to do. For me that means accepting both my inner longing and my fear, without distancing myself from either of them. It means risking looking foolish or being […]

On width: Who is speaking?

“you are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago.”Borderland bracelet 2015 In my inner world there is a neat and organized village. It is clean, relatively quiet and aesthetically pleasing. The people there are handsome, friendly and go about their everyday lives with purpose and positive energy, although there […]

On depth: Where are you speaking from?

In this post I am borrowing and blending two frameworks. One is taught at the Authentic Relating Training and the other by Circling Europe. I find that these two frameworks together give a pretty neat perspective on the different levels of depth we can speak from. Informational/conceptual: Facts and stories in time.Personal: Experiences and feelings […]

Practicing the Other Life

There are multiple ways of looking at Cultural Protocols — what they for, about, what they mean to each of its practitioner. Some perceive Drifts as a game, others as an act of co-creation. Some perceive Speaking Into Silence as a meditation-ritual, others as a discussion-technique. And I guess all of it can be found […]

Speaking into Silence

I remember the day as grey and rainy when I met Nina in a cafe in Neukölln Berlin (somewhen in 2016). We hadn’t seen each other for a while and were only acquainted for around half a year at that point. In my bag I carried a sketch that was already called “Speaking into Silence”, […]

Circling and Surrendered Leadership

In this article I try to give a personal account of what the practice means for me, what circling leadership implies for me and why I am passionate about building a stronger circling community in Scandinavia and bringing circling into the mainstream.

The Bear and the Fairy

Some years ago I started writing short stories based on circling experiences from the trans-personal realm. That is, the times where it felt as if what was going on had some kind of arch typical energy.

On Generosity

Generosity is about being as transparent as possible about my experience, sharing both the surface and the depths of what my world is like with others – in every moment.