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On this page you can book those of us who do 1:1 sessions. We do various forms of bodywork, coaching and therapeutic practices. Check out the booking links for more information on the work we do. If you have a Membership you can get a 25% discount on 1 session pr. month. Let us know when you book the session if you want to use the discount. 


Einar Boson

Body Therapy

Einar is a graduate from the Manuvision school of body therapy. He has a strong focus on embodiment and brings this into his work.


HC Skaarup

Coaching, Body Therapy

A graduate from the Totum school of bodytherapy and certified Mindjuice Coach, HC guides you through awakening the body and challenging the mind.


Heinz Robert

Circling/Coaching, Bodywork

Heinz is experienced coaching people on life purpose, relationship and sexuality. He is trained in Circling, massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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Mateusz Jędrzejewski

Myofascial Release Bodywork

Mateusz explores the interplay between mind and body. He blends work with fascia, felt sense, breathwork, and conscious movement.


Martin Kufahl

Body Therapy

Martin is a graduate from the Manuvision school. Martin brings his curiosity of consciousness and altered states into his treatments and bodywork.


Peter Munthe-Kaas

Body Therapy

Peter is a graduate from the Manuvision school. He applies sentivity learned from taiji and presence learned form circling into his bodywork.

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Sofie Luise Krog Hansen

sexological coaching

Sofie is a sexological coach and social worker. She offers coaching to individuals, couples and polycules around sexuality, gender and relationships.


Viola E. Dasseville

Constellation Work

Viola is curious on ‘the human experience’ and the art of ‘being with and bring these sensitivities into her work with systemic and family constellations.

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