Body Therapy

Body Therapy is meant to bring you in touch with stored tensions and emotions in your body and allow you to experience life more fully. Body Therapy can help you with:

  • connecting you to your body and emotions
  • connecting better to other people
  • finding out what is holding you back
  • alleviate anxiety
  • reduce stress
  • help with headaches and neck pains
  • release clenching jaws
  • relax tense muscles
  • sleeping better
  • better posture
  • alleviate pains in back, feet, hands, wherever

One treatment is not a miracle, but chances are good you’ll feel a difference. The real change happens over time and in between treatments where you integrate what we discover in our sessions.

Einar Boson

Einar Boson

Manuvision Body therapist
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Circling/Coaching Session

You might come to a point in your life where you have a lot of questions about how to proceed from that point where you are at. Questions where you might want somebody to support you to find the right answers.

I that case a one-on-one session with one of our certified Circling facilitators or coaches can be a good way of support. We help you to be with what ever is in you at a present moment and find your way to the next step in life.


Heinz Robert

Heinz Robert

Circling and Coaching

Heinz has practiced Circling since 2014. He is also experienced in coaching people in questions around life purpose, relationship and sexuality.