The practices taught and practiced in “Relational Spaces” stand on their own without elaborate framing through stories. We are working with unlearning rather than learning theories or concepts. We want to cultivate and train the wisdom that our biosystems already possess, although often forgotten and replaced with learned scripts. 

By shedding layers of learned behaviors and coping mechanisms we believe we can deepen human connection and trust, and enable more skillful and effortless being in the world. The practices we teach all rests on a foundation of building intimacy with ourselves while teaching us to be sensitive and attuned to our surroundings.

3 body workout

The 3-Body Workout is a series of movements (sometimes called Integral Kata) and a way to contact and exercise your three bodies: physical/gross, subtle, and causal. Your Physical/Gross Body comprises the material components of your being: muscles, bones, organs, biochemicals, etc. Your Subtle Body comprises the energetic elements of your being: breath, prana, life-force, and energy-flow. Your Causal Body comprises the infinite field of your existence: openness, presence, spaciousness, and feeling to infinity.

Active relational meditation

This practice was created as an inspiration from other active meditations, process dance, authentic relating, and tantra. Our longing was to bring meditation to Relational Spaces while integrating it with interpersonal components. 

Bodywork basics

The aim with this series of workshops is to introduce fundamental aspects of doing bodywork. Our team of bodyworkers from RS takes turns on introducing you to the elements of bodywork that they find important. Generally the focus will not be on massage techniques, but rather try on creating the conditions for you to be intimate with yourself and the person you are working with.

CIRcle of sound

The Circle of Sound is a workshop about exploring and making sounds collectively. Creating sounds together is a powerful tool to enter a flow state through which we feel connected and alive. Even though music can be the result of making sounds together, this workshop aims to explore sounds in a more general sense. We will work with anything that can generate sounds: our body, our voice, and objects. No musical experience is required.


Circling and surrendered leadership is a practice of attuning to other humans by revealing our authentic truths while staying in connection. On our Circling Evenings we practice together and work on developing self-leadership. You can also join a Circling Introduction where we will start with simple exercises in pairs and small groups, focusing more on facilitating connection in the group. 

Dynamic meditation

Dynamic meditation is a fast, intense, and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the body-mind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, witnessing, silence, and peace that are hidden behind those prison walls.

The meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when “the whole of nature becomes alive, the night has gone, the sun is coming up and everything becomes conscious and alert.”

Embodied Connection

We invite you to an evening where we explore what connection dancing brings to playfighting, and what playfighting brings to dancing. In both dancing and playfighting we explore connection on a body level, moving together in physical contact.

Embodied Masculinity

An an exploration of masculinity in all it’s spectrum, the wonders and challenges of being alive in a male body. We train strength and sensitivity through exercises and playful fighting, and we talk together about our experiences in life. Our vision is to create a safe space for men to connect, play, share their feelings and get support.


Through a family constellation you get to externalize a conflict or an issue that is hurting or bothering you. It is a really good format to get disentangled and view your conflict from a more sober place.

film screening and dialogue

Once in a while we will have a movie screening event combined with dialogue about themes such as individual and collective trauma.

Forum Evening

The Forum Evening is a ritualized form of transparent communication between individuals and groups. The Forum is often used to create transparency in relationships, to reduce social tensions and to create bonding. Its playful and ritualized form makes it easier to share thoughts and feelings that usually are hidden, thus strengthening social contacts. 

Friends space

The intention with this workshop is to create a light-hearted and intimate atmosphere that allows for meetings between friends (new or old). We invite you to bring a friend that you would like to connect with (it could be someone you haven’t seen in a while or someone you would like to get to know better).


The Improvisation methodology is a fun and safe way for you to acquire new social skills. By following a few simple principles, you will get all the tools you need to improve your communication skills – both when you’re interacting 1-to-1 and with bigger groups of people (i.e. when you’re doing a presentation). You will have fun improving your imagination and creativity, while at the same time creating confidence and security in your relationship with yourself and others. 

Midnight Encounter

Welcome to the Midnight Encounters — a mysterious experience for the ones who dare to enter an unknown relational space. What happens during a Midnight Encounter is a complete secret. Each time Thibault invites another co-creator to give each encounter a unique flavour. No Midnight Encounter is the same, no experience will be the same.

Relating Games

There are skills you learned in school during class, and then there are the other critical skills you may have learned in recess. When it comes to learning how to human, how to adult, how to couple, how to fight for your rights, how to keep your cool and all those other critical skills needed to navigate life in peace and struggle with other people, there really is no substitute for learning by experience. The games we play during these Games Nights are meant to spark your imagination and give you experiences of acting in ways that will take your relating skills to the next level. 

Relational Flow

The intention with Relational Flow is to inspire a free-flowing way of relating in a relaxed atmosphere. The workshop will start with some facilitated exercises and will after about two hours go more into a relationship practice jam. The exercises presented are inspired by contact improvisation, embodied play, circling and body therapy.

Sitting in Silence

We sit together in silence and meditate for 30 minutes.

Eyes closed or open, your choice.
With empty mind or full mind, your choice.

Just be silent.

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