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On this page you can find a list of all the events and courses that we offer in Relational Spaces. These are all chances to go deeper in a practice with facilitators who are experts in their field. 


A festival for everyone looking to find your way back after the summer, to come together, land, and harvest what we sowed in the spring.

During this weekend event in Relational Spaces, you will be given a broad selection of workshops to chose from, all offered to help you feel into yourself and your relationships. Expect offerings focused around Circling, breathwork, meditation, Authentic Relating games,  touch and intimacy, playfighting, Theater Impro, Circle of Sounds, open stage, and more…

Date: 23-25.09.2022
Price: 1st Early bird price: 1450 dkk (until the 14th of August)

           Regular price 2050 dkk


Passages — rituals for modern life is a ritual journey through an entire year. The journey consists of a sequence of five rituals, distributed over a year, that invite you to step consciously into the next part of the year. Each ritual explores another theme and corresponds to the yearly season.

Date: 21/09 | 14/12
Time: 18.30 – 21.30
Price: 700 DKK


The dreams we have at night hold guidance and wisdom for us.  In the Dream Retreat we enter and exit our dreamworlds with rituals each night and morning. During the day we offer workshops to explore and deepen our connection with our dreams. Join the Dream Retreat for three days of meeting, enjoying, and working with your dreams.


Date: 30/09 – 02/10
Price: 2’499 DKK


Join us as we transform Relational Spaces into a city retreat centre for a weekend in November. We will create an atmosphere of presence and intimacy with ourselves to deepen our experience of being and becoming. It will be a soft container, where we never sit for longer than 30 minutes without stretching our legs, and where the sessions of sitting meditation are broken up by walking, moving and Circling.

Date: 04/11 – 06/11
Price: 499 DKK regular, 99DKK for members


A workshop about Living Out Loud, Being Happy, Getting over Shit and Living in the Present. Radical Honesty is about living in the Here and Now. It is a communication tool and lifestyle, which leads you to connect more deeply with others by expressing our fear, anger, appreciation and whatever is arising in the moment.

Date: 18/11-21/11
Price: 399€ regular, 360€ early bird


This course develops leaders, in the widest sense of the word – empowered people taking inspiring action in their lives and in the world. It will immerse you into the wide ranging magic of Circling from the basics up to the cutting edge of the practice – Surrendered Leadership. This is a leadership sourced from our embodied clarity and an expansive letting go. It creates an amplified field and profound group flow that’s catalytic for personal transformation.


Dates: 10-13/2 | 12-15/5 | 11-14/8 
Price: €3.983,00 EUR 

einar teaching


This course dives deep into the theme of conflict and its transformative power with tools from Integral theory, Buddhist meditation, Polyvagal theory, Authentic Relating and Restorative Justice.
In four evenings you get theoretical tools and you will learn embodied and authentic practices from different disciplines, all in order for you to show up more in all your relationships.


Dates: Thursdays: 24.02. | 10.03. | 24.03. | 07.04. 
Price: 995 DKK (earlybird 850,-)

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