In this course you get a solid introduction to the relational meditation practice of circling and the principles behind it. You will work on becoming more vulnerable, present and intimate with yourself and others. The course runs over 5 Sundays, each focusing on one of the principles, and ends in a weekend immersion where we spend 2 days together going deep in the practice.

"I’ve been at two Weekends of Circling with Peter and found them to be perfectly challenging and wonderfully inspiring. Peter combines a sensitive empathy with a direct honesty that opens a safe and exciting space for exploring."
Ernest Holm Svendsen


What is Circling?


Circling is a practice of attuning to other humans by revealing our authentic truths while staying in connection with each other. We bring ourselves in vulnerability and innocence as well as in our triggers and woundings.


Circling is a practice of meditative awareness teaching us to become sensitive to the in-the-moment experience of ourselves and the group. It is an exploration of emergence and group intelligence


Circling is a practice of following what is alive for us in every moment and letting that aliveness guide our actions. It means getting in touch with and embodying our inner longings.


This course is intended for people who want to get a thorough understanding of the Circling practice and get it under their skin. In total you get 40 hours of direct circling experience from one of the most experienced Circling facilitators in Europe.

– Become more intimate with yourself and others. 
– Learn to communicate your needs and boundaries. 
– Practice your empathy and listening ability. 


12/12 | 9/1 | 6/2 | 20/2 | 6/3 | 2/4 | 3/4

4500 DKK (Earlybird tickets can be bought for 3750 DKK until November 15th). 

Course Programme

Day 1. Commitment to connection
An invitation to stay in connection with whatever is arising between you and others. This includes revealing yourselves and being open to the impact from others.

Day 2. Owning experience
Getting to our deepest truth, our unarguable experience beyond our projections and taking responsibility for what is happening in us.

Day 3. Staying with the level of sensation
By including the subtle bodily sensations in our awareness and expression, we can share with more power, presence, and discover more truth.

Day 4. Being with the other in their world
Deeply appreciating the perfection of someone in each moment, while getting penetrating insight into the nuances of their way of being.

Day 5. Trusting experience
Invites us to honor the relative truth of any given experience inside of us, while discerning what is happening. It is often an invitation to trust the unknown.

Weekend workshop
A weekend deepdive into circling. At the weekend we will practice everything we have worked with during the course

Anelia Mitova
Anelia Mitova
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"After my participation in a Circling Immersion I can confidently say that I have fallen in love with circling. I had such an impactful and meaningful experience, that I would like to recommend everyone to explore the space that is created."
Sarah Warny Berg
Sarah Warny Berg
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I have just participated in my first Cicling-Immension-weekend, and I must say, that I am totaly mindblown with a warm, soft feeling in my entire body and a calm, vibrant sensation in my brain.
Juha Kienanen
Juha Kienanen
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I came to Copenhagen and Relational Spaces for the weekend Circling immersion. What a deep trip and process it was with circling! Grateful for every experience. I feel Peter created a safe place for me to open up and connect with myself and others in the group.

Peter has been leading circling and surrendered leadership since 2015 and is one of the most experienced circling leaders in Europe. Peter has led more than 20 Circling Immersions in Denmark and is a teaching assistant at Circling Europe’s 6 month Circling training. 

Peter is also one of the co-creators of the Danish Authentic Relating Festival and one of the founders of Relational Spaces.

Read about Peters Circling journey on Medium


Go for a deep dive

There can be many reasons for wanting to explore Circling. For some it is the desire to improve their relationships with friends and family. For others it is about getting in touch with themselves at a deeper level. 

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