dream retreat

29th of September to 2nd of October

The dreams we have at night hold guidance and wisdom for us.  In the Dream Retreat we enter and exit our dreamworlds with rituals each night and morning. During the day we offer workshops to explore and deepen our connection with our dreams. Join the Dream Retreat for four days of meeting, enjoying, and working with your dreams in the middle of a beautiful forest in Skåne, Sweden.

about the retreat

Every night we dream. Each night we enter a world so different from our everyday reality, not only once but sometimes up to six times per night. For centuries people have been wondering what the dreams are for and how does the dreamworld connect with the world of the everyday? What meaning does our dreams hold? What are we to make of them? If we allow it, the dreams we have at night can hold guidance and wisdom for us. They are messengers from the subconscious. They can shake and break our perception, and invite us to look at our life from an unconventional angle.

The Dream Retreat offers an opportunity to engage with your dreams in a profound way over the course of four days. Through ceremonial spaces we enter and exit the dreamworld to enhance our dream experience during the night. During the day, we will work with the dream material in facilitated workshops and on our own. To lay a good foundation for the retreat and create a comfortable group feeling, we will facilitate a couple of authentic relating games in the beginning.


While we have taken inspiration from different schools of understanding dreams, the retreat does not follow a specific theory. The workshops are based on personal experiences and is build to explore your own understanding of your dreams. We will discuss symbolism, narratives, feelings and our relations between the dreamworld and daylight reality  — with an understanding that this is all different to each individual and their experiences.


Night and Morning Rituals
The most important times of this retreats are the times we sleep and dream. To give these times the dedication and committment they need, the nights will be framed by night and morning rituals. During the night rituals we prepare ourselves to enter the dreamworld, relax our systems, and set intentions for the night to come. During the morning rituals we come back together as a group and share our experiences of the night.

Parts of the days are reserved for workshops. These workshops will introduce you to three different practices that you can use to engage with your dreams in a meaningful way. The three topics of these workshops are:
* Guiding: how to understand our dreams as guides to our lives
* Exploring: how to explore and interpret our dreams
* Integrating: how to integrate the wisdom of our dreams into our everyday life

Free Time
Outside of this programme, the schedule holds enough free space for you to do as you please: take a stroll in the forest, go for a chilly swim, enjoy a casual conversation over a cup of tea, meditate by a lake, etc. You can use this to be alone or mingle with other participants.

Shared Meals
There will be two meals per day that we share together: a late brunch (after the morning ritual) and dinner. The food will be prepared by the team, but we will ask you to help with setting the table and cleaning up after the meals.

Who is this for?

The Dream Retreat is open for anyone who is curious about dreams, no matter your previous experience with exploring them. Whether you are new to working with your dreams and want to start your own practice, or whether you are an experienced dreamer with your own practice — the Dream Retreat is a place to connect and get excited about the wondrous worlds we travel through at night.

Joining the we invite to a committed preparation beforehand. The preparation serves as a way to get into a proper sleeping cycle and to train your dream recollection ability. This is especially important for people who have not yet a habit of remembering dreams. But don’t be alarmed if you cannot do so right now! Everyone dreams, and everyone can learn to remember them. 

What will you get?

In the Dream Retreat you will
  • receive preparational material to get started on your dream journey and improve your sleeping habits
  • immerse into four days of dedicated dream work in a beautiful nature area
  • participate in night and morning rituals to enhance your dream experience
  • learn to explore your dreams and how to engage with them in three workshops
  • deepen your connection to your dream world and the sub-conscious layers of your consciousness it comes from
  • be part of a small community of dream enthusiasts


Times and dates: 18.00, 29th of September until 14.00, 2nd of October 2022
Location: Emberland, Harastorp 4214B, 28293 RÖKE, Sweden
Price: 3’599 DKK | 2’999 DKK (early bird until 30th of August)
Size: There is space for 10 participants + 2 volunteers; a minimum of 5 participants is required
Food: Vegetarian with vegan options; food is included in the price
Accomodation: We will sleep in tents, and you are required to bring your own gear. Toilets and showers are available.
To answer all practical questions beforehand and get to know each other in the group, there will be a prelimenary meeting on the 30th of August, 19.00-21.00.
If you wish to volunteer, please send a mail to info@liminalrituals.dk.

Are you ready to meet the world of your dreams?

Liminal Rituals
The retreat is hosted by Liminal Rituals — a studio for modern day rituals. In their work, Liminal Rituals creates rituals for people that meet them where they are, supporting their meaningful life transitions with custom made ceremonies and rituals to accommodate their actual needs. Liminal Rituals’ work include, but is not limited to, alternative love ceremonies, rite of passages, and a ritual journey through the year called Passages. With the Dream Retreat Liminal Rituals reintegrate the dreamworld in your everyday life and offer a non-dogmatic approach to making sense of them.
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Thibault Schiemann
When Thibault was 18 and read a long and complicated book from an Austrian psychologist, he could not stop to observe his and other people’s dreams. Ever since he has been on a journey to understand what his dreams have to tell him, and what they mean to him and the people around it. But most importantly, he genuinely enjoys to walk the planes he enters at night, the magical realms that open for him each night, and that enchant his everyday life with a sense of the mysterious.
Nina Lund Westerdahl
Nina always had vivid dreams. The dreams lingered, affecting the everyday, her moods and perspectives on her surroundings. As a child she found it troublesome. Now she sees the abstract stories, nightmares, reoccurring dreams, and real-life scenarios as a portal to her subconscious and a way to connect with what is really important to her. When she wakes up she looks for the message of the night, mainly through the feelings present, and the nightly adventures guide her to navigate the choices and to find the meaning in the confusions of the daily life

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