In this course you will get tools and inspiration to deepen your intimate relationship(s). Cherie and Peter will guide you through a journey of vulnerability, intimacy, and trust. The course is intended to bring more life and juice into your relationship.

"People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize that you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you can stand in front of them, and their response is "you're safe with me" - that's intimacy.
Taylor Jenkins Reid


What is Empowered Intimacy?

HOnesty and vulnerability

On the first evening of the course we will introduce you to radical honesty and authentic relating practices that enable you to meet in deeper layers of yourselves and reveal the things that are held back.

Play and embodiment

On the second evening you will be introduced to practices of playful embodied exploration where we let the body guide our actions and move from the core of your being. We will explore the many ways that attraction can express itself and the ways in which we can be with attraction in our relationships.

Sensitivity and touch

On the third evening we will work with increasing intimacy through sensitive touch based on bodywork practices, the wheel of consent and tantric exercises (with clothes on).


The fourth evening will be about the powerful experiences that can be achieved through surrender to the other and will be based on soft shibari (ropework) exercises. You will experience both tying and being tied up.


This course is intended for couples who seeks to invigorate their relationship by practicing intimacy and togetherness. You are welcome regardless of the type of your relationship, whether you are monogamous, polyamourous, same-sex or just in the unknown about how to define your relationship.

The course takes place on 4 wednesdays in February and March 2022.

Dates: 8/2 | 22/2 | 8/3 | 22/3
Time: 17.45 – 21.30
Price: 4000 (earlybird 3500)

The tickets sold are for couples. We have space for a total of 8 couples in the course. If you buy your ticket before January 15th you get the ticket for the earlybird price of 3500,-
”Being authentic and beautiful like that – it creates a safe space and a place for me to just be myself and feel that everything is welcome.”
Josefine R

Cherie is practicing doing less to feel more. And curious about what arises between people who dare to slow down and relate from the body and heart. She has a background in shibari and tantric arts and have been exploring embodied intimacy practices in many different ways.


Peter is curious about vulnerability and embodiment and has been on a journey of relational exploration for quite some years. He has a background in Tai Chi and Qigong, has been leading Circling and Authentic Relating since 2016 and has been offering body therapy since 2018. 



We all long for more intimacy, but it can be very hard to find the courage or the tools to really bring ourselves and our longing in the way we deeply want to.