w. Rolando Yunquera

“For me, improvisation is much more than standing on a stage. It is a training in becoming an even better person.”
– Rolando Yunquera

The Improvisation methodology is a good way to acquire new social skills, improve one’s communication 1 to 1 or with presentations. Strengthen one’s creativity and fantasy, create security in the relationship with yourself/others and much more. It’s based among other things on traditional drama training, Improv Theatre, Wheel of Consent, Access Consciousness and more.

4/11 | 8/11 | 18/11 | 25/11

3000 DKK (Earlybird tickets can be bought for 2500 DKK until November 15th). 

About the facilitator

Inspired by various art forms and self development systems, e.g. improvised comedy theatre, physical and classical training techniques, Wheel of Consent, Access Consciousness and others, I aim to motivate and stimulate the often suppressed natural skillsets with which human beings are born with:

Creativity and curiosity.
Support and respect for oneself and others.
Awareness, perception, and focus.
Courage and confidence.
Trust and openness .
Critical thinking and collaboration.
Emotional and clear expression.

I want to inspire people to develop, and help people reconnect with themselves and others through fun, open and motivating classes. My goal is to foster an environment in which people at any level can move and evolve, both physically and emotionally. 


Become an even better you
Get a unique chance to step into a different engagement of self-development with the QbicCircle perspective on improvisation. Want to be a better professional? A better friend? A better you?

Conscious Improvisation will teach you, among many things, how to tackle the unprepared with drive and success, in a safe and supportive environment. You will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone and most likely laugh and have fun while you do it.

Learn to own your power
Discover more about yourself. Learn to be bolder, to open up and stand firm. Understand, know and trust what you have to offer and bring it forward. Learn to act in ways that are deliberate, focused and grounded in your values.

Learn to adapt and be agile
To improvise requires flexibility and agility. When something isn’t working, you often have to change things up on the fly or in the moment. You will learn that change is just another part of the process of getting it right and have success.

Learn the importance of emotions
What makes us different from machines and computers is our ability to imagine and feel emotions. Building emotional awareness in your life is a gift for growth and wisdom. You will learn to make each person in your life feel seen, understood and valuable.

Conscious Improvisation is for everyone
Regardless of age, profession and previous experience. The course is for you who have never tried improvisation before. Or you who have a dream of avoiding sweaty palms the next time you have to present something to your colleagues, customers or partners. Or for you who just want a fun and challenging moment with your friends. All you need is a curiosity and an open mind.

In module 1, we will review
• The importance of – avoid judging yourself and others
• To stay in good contact with the help of “Yes &”
• Learning that mistakes are gifts and getting rid of perfectionism
• and much, much more

Sigita Skudra
Sigita Skudra
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“I still remember my first lesson in improvisation by Rolando Yunquera!! 3 hours just flew. Rolando is a fantastically energetic and attentive teacher of improvisation. If I did not have too many things to do right now, I would throw myself in and play with others.”
Ditte Brændgaard
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“If there is anything I love about going to improv, it is that it opens the box in the brain that needs to be trained in thinking and looking for the positive and possible, to go to situations with the intention of lifting them to more ease. and openness.

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