Wake up, clean up, grow up, show up

This might be the start for a nine months course for people who are interested to establish an integral practice for body, mind, spirit and shadow.

We will explore questions like:

How to find a way to make sense of life (and the world) that’s getting more complex every year?
How to find answers to the big challenging questions of 21st century using the leading edge of science and philosophy at the same time?
How to increase your level of consciousness (or your stage of meaning-making)?
How to see everything in the universe as both a part and a whole?
How each stage of consciousness “creates” its own world?
Which practices and insights can help you live a fuller, more effective and joyful life?

"I live my life in widening circles
that stretch out over all the things.
I may, perhaps, not complete the last one,
but I will give myself to it."
Rainer Maria Rilke

An integral approach to navigate through a complex world

The focus of this interactive workshop

Openness: encountering situations, people, thoughts and feelings with curiosity and acceptance.

Multiperspectivity: seeking and coordinating perspectives for a broader understanding of myself, others and the whole.

Meaning-orientation: helping self and others to find and create meaning in the changing patterns of the world

Compassion: seeing self and others with care and taking responsibility to reduce suffering

Sources and tools: We draw on models such as Spiral Dynamics, the AQAL approach of Ken Wilber, and use different methods for to explore the complex  internal and outside worlds.



This course is intended for people who want to get a thorough understanding of the Integral Theory and get first insights in how to establish an Integral Life Practice. You will get tools to perceive and navigate through complexity in daily life.

If the participants are interested we will organize a 9 months course with a day-long workshop each month and 5 days retreat and a another weekend for the closing.


22-23 January 2022

1450 DKK (Earlybird tickets can be bought for 1050 DKK until December 15th). 

Heinz Robert

Heinz is studying Integral Theory and Practice since 2001 and has participated in several workshops and conferences around this topic in the US and Europe. He has been board member of the Swiss Integral Forum for 2 years, and has been involved in the Integral Politics political party in Switzerland.

Heinz has been leading Circling and Surrendered Leadership since 2013 in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and has been a teaching assistant at Circling Europe’s 6 month Circling training. Before he did a one-year training in The Art of Transparent Communication and has led groups in this We-Practice for 4 years. Both Circling and TC are based on the principles and understanding of the integral maps.
Heinz has done three levels of training with Don Beck in Spiral Dynamics Integral, which is a popular developmental model used in psychology and business. He also had a deeper insight in the Leadership Maturity Framework, a model for adult ego development, in workshops with Susanne Cook-Greuter.

Heinz is also the author of the recently published book “Vibrant Collaboration“, where he connects some of the Integral concepts with his experiences and deep research about relational dynamics at the workplace.

Want to stretch your perspectives?

There can be many reasons why one wants to join this weekend. For some it might be to finally get an introduction in this strange theory they have heard so many times. For others it is a deeper exploration to understand and navigate the ever growing inside and outside complexity, and discover new perspectives into life.