Psychonautics 101

Martin Kufahl

A fish in the sea may have no concept of ”water”, since it simply constitutes the world it inhabits. Yet, the quality of the water is fundamental to its well-being. Similarly, consciousness itself is foundational to all our human experences, and we can live our lives without giving a second thought to the arena in which they are manifested. Many challenges of the human condition, such as depression or lack of meaning, are essentially problems of consciousness. However, by developing awareness of and learning to navigate in one’s own consciousness it is possible to achieve a great sense of well-being, freedom, and a sense of meaning. “Psychonautics” imply these practices or psychotechnologies broadly.


Consciousness practices are at the core of many spiritual traditions. Meditation and contemplative practices cultivate insight into the nature of consciousness itself. Since the mind and body is a unified field, physically based practices like yoga or qi gong also have profound effects on consciousness. Other methods like breathwork, shamanic journeying or psychoactive plant medicines can induce non-ordinary and even mystical states of consciousness, with the potential for extraordinary healing, insight and spiritual growth.

The course will provide a foundation and overview to intentionally and safely explore and cultivate consciousness.


NB! Course start postponed by 2 weeks to dec. 1st.

About the facilitator

In 2014 Martin finished his Master’s degree in Nanoscience at KU. His thesis project was in an experimental physics laboratory, during which time he learned a lot, only a minor portion of which was related to quantum physics. It was challenging, but ultimately the very linear lifestyle of academia did not suit him to continue the scientific career.

He finds that the transformative power of entheogenic practices is evident. Martin believes that it is the skillful application that allows positive development, and the haphazard use can cause the opposite. In 2019 he became chairman of Psykedelisk Samfund (The Psychedelic Society of Denmark), in service to the evolving community. In his personal practice he also offers counseling to those interested in exploring some of these paths, either recreationally, ceremonially or therapeutically.

Participants will develop:

  • Essential practices of mindfulness meditation and body awareness, useful for centering oneself in psychonautic explorations and life in general
  • Direct experience in naturally achieved non-ordinary states of consciousness through breathwork, guided meditation and cacao ceremony
  • Theoretical understanding of tools such as plant medicines, their history and cultural frameworks, and how to explore this path responsibly and ethically
  • Knowledge of safety precautions and essential frameworks for anchoring and integrating non-ordinary experiences
  • Direct personal experience with altered states consciousness through breathwork, guided meditation and cacao ceremony
  • A network of like-minded peers to provide mutual support and reflection


The course also serves as a framework for participants to reflect on our life journeys with like-minded peers in a safe and confidential space.

In addition to the group sessions, each participant is offered a private counseling session for personal, 1-to-1 guidance about your psychonautic journey.

The course will take place over 4 months, in 8 bi-weekly sessions on Wednesday evenings (typically 18 to 21) in even-numbered weeks.

Dates: 01/12 | 15/12 | 12/1 | 26/1 | 9/2 | 23/2 | 9/3 | 23/3
Time: 18.00 – 21.00
Price: 3200 dkk

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