The Relational Spaces Journey

Extended Membership for 6 months focused on inner growth and development

Starting from 1st October 2022

Come on this journey together with other members who are committed to inner growth and development. This is your opportunity to dive deeper into all the practices and workshops at Relational Spaces, with your individual purpose or the shared intention of the group.
Share your experiences with a small group of fellow journey wo/-men and get individual coaching sessions from our facilitators.
Also included an extra discount for additional workshops which are not included in the membership, and for bodywork and separate coaching sessions with any of the RS co-creators.

It's a hero's journey

Ferociously, the ox bellows and, free of all constraints,
Thrusts about with its crooked horns,
Racing wildly round the mountain

To where the river turns away, and the road stretches off into the far distance.
A bank of black cloud hangs over the opening to the valley,

And who can tell how much destruction is wrought to the young seedlings

Trampled underfoot in the farmer’s field! (poem)

There are many variations of the heroes journey in different traditions. One of them, the Zen Buddhist teaching of “Taming the Ox,” describes in paintings and poetry the steps of Enlightenment as it unfolds in a human life. First we go out to search for the ox until we discover it, catch it, ride it home and bring all of our experiences back to the marketplace.

In this antient Chinese teachings, the ox is a metaphor for our wild heart-mind, which has not been reined in, or subjected to any form of discipline.

We would like to take this metaphor and the image of the ox herding as a basis for the Relational Spaces Journey, and hope you take it as an invitation to use all our classes and workshops as your regular practice over this half year.

Ox Herding_Journey

Growth that matters

It is not just the old traditions that speak about a path of growth and development. Even modern research shows that the inner abilities we now all need to deal with our increasingly complex environment and challenges can be developed. Based on the story of the ox the “herding”, or development of our minds and hearts is key.

The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a framework of the capabilities, qualities and skills we need in order to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are here to educate, inspire and empower us to be a positive force for change in society and find a more purposeful way to look at our lives and the lives of the people around us.

Many of the practices we offer in Relational Spaces are supporting the inner growth and development and the skills and capabilities pointed out in the IDGs. In this journey we would like to see if we together can notice and track a personal development over the time of 6 months. The IDGs will be a guide for us on this journey.

Let's do it together

Life can sometimes be overwhelming and many of the daily tasks and things that are asked from us to do or achieve seem enormous at the beginning. That might also be true when we sign up for a personal development course, and are committed to do the practice. While on the journey we then find out the task is actually not that big and might even become smaller with the growth of our skills. At some point we might find our self in a flow state, juggling with many different things at once.

Support of others can often help, either when we have someone who has gone some parts of the path already, or teaming up with peers who go the same way. The recently deceased Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh once said something like, “The next Buddha will be a Sangha.” A Sangha, or group of practitioners can be a powerful source of energy for your transformation and healing. That is one reason why we want to encourage you to join this group of committed Relational Spaces members who are on the same path with you. You will also be able to find a smaller group of peers within the journey wo/-men who will be your buddies.

The smaller peer groups can gather between the monthly meetings as much as you like. This will be self-organized by you. Maybe sometimes you want to join together one of the workshops at RS, or you just meet to share your experiences, this is totally up to you.

ALX 2021-12 Winter Festival RS - 6000 x 4000 - 03985


This extended membership includes:

  • 5 workshops of 6 hours on a weekend each month to reflect on one’s individual developmental journey
  • One 2-days-long silence retreat in beautiful nature (accommodation and food not included)
  • 2 individual coaching sessions with the journey facilitators
  • Peer group with other people on the journey
  • 25% discount on workshops not included in the RS-membership
  • 50% on bodywork sessions and additional coaching

The journey will start on Saturday, 1st October and we will meet from than every first Saturday each month until March.
Your chief travel agent is Heinz Robert, and other facilitators might join for the Saturday meetings.

Price for extension 1999kr as one-time payment (+ monthly RS-membership), 
349kr if paid monthly additionally to the membership.

If you are already a member of Relational Spaces write a mail if you want to pay monthly.

Facilitators: Heinz Robert and other co-creators of Relational Spaces

Cancellation terms:
If you want to end the journey in the first 3 months you will get 50% of the fee back. With monthly payments, we will cancel your plan after 3 month.

More Information
To receive more information, please write to

People conversation sofa

Heinz Robert

Heinz is one of the founders of Relational Spaces and is very passionate about inner development and growth. He has been practiced Buddhism for about 11 years in a modern tradition, has studied the Integral Theory since 2001, is trained in Transparent Communication and in Circling, and has many years of experience in practicing various forms of meditation, and embodied practices like Yoga and 5Rhythms.

His love for the planet and humanity as global citizens tracks back to his childhood and has been part of his involvements in politics and different engagements in councils and associations in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Since he discovered the Inner Development Goals he is an ambassador to spread the awareness for them in Denmark.

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