This course develops leaders, in the widest sense of the word – empowered people taking inspiring action in their lives and in the world. It will immerse you into the wide ranging magic of Circling from the basics up to the cutting edge of the practice – Surrendered Leadership. This is a leadership sourced from our embodied clarity and an expansive letting go. It creates an amplified field and profound group flow that’s catalytic for personal transformation.

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If you follow the ticket link from this page, you will get 100 Euro back as a voucher for workshops in Relational Spaces and we get a % of your payment. 

"Circling Europe are in many ways standing head and shoulders above the rest of the circling community. If you want advanced training, they are unearthing some of the most dynamic and impactful trainings I’ve seen.”
Rob McNamara


– A deeper presence, authenticity and intimacy with yourself.

– An ability to deepen relationships in your everyday life so that they can be more inspiring and nourishing.

– The capacity to be skilled in and potentially lead Circles one to one and in groups.

– A clearer vision and purpose in line with your unique skills.

– Concrete progress in your personal areas of focus.

– An uplifting group experience and deeper connection to oneness.

– A wider and more integrated perspective of yourself and others.

"Excellent and terrific work... highly needed in these times"
Ken Wilber


Feb 10-13, 2022 (1st weekend)
May 12-15, 2022 (2nd weekend)
Aug 11-14, 2022 (3rd weekend)


€3.983,00 EUR

If you follow the ticket link from this page, you will get 100 Euro back as a voucher for workshops in Relational Spaces and we get a % of your payment. 


This will be a residential SAS. We will be living together for 3 immersions at the lovely location of Teater Møn. There will be an additional cost for food and lodging of 200 euro for each weekend.

More about the venue here:

1  Three 4-day SAS Weekends

These sessions focus on developing your Circling and leadership capacities as well as exploring the fundamental principles behind Circling that can be applied to all aspects of life. You’ll also immerse into Surrendered Leadership practice designed to call forth your inspiration and next steps, challenge your leadership and open doors to transformational connection with others.

2  An Individualised Coaching Programme: 

You’ll have 5 hours of individual sessions. In these sessions, you’ll receive attention on the areas of your life that matter most to you, to uncover new potentials, bring completion to unresolved issues, become more comfortable in your own skin and to get closer to your unique leadership talents and calling. 

3  Structured weekly Circling Leadership Practice with fellow SAS-participants:

Weekly practice Circling and being Circled.

4  Cutting Edge Curriculum

To support your growth and understanding, you’ll receive wide-ranging learning material exploring the theoretical underpinnings of the practice and its relevance in various fields and aspects of life and culture, including academic papers, books, poetry, movies, art and music. 

5  Monthly online Quad sessions

Practicing your Circling leadership with support and feedback from the team. 

6  6 Live Theory into Practice Sessions

Presentations on specific themes e.g. integrating anger, boundaries, trauma awareness, + specific guided practices to take you into the territory + collective sense making. 

7  30% discount to CE Circling weekends/online courses upon SAS registration and for a year after SAS completion.
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"There is a lifetime of experience and education that I couldn’t touch in just one statement. Circling and Surrendered Leadership have changed my life."
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"Circling has completely transformed my life and relationships. The practice has helped me become a better friend, leader, and teacher. Being able to teach this practice with others is a real gift and passion I prize in my top 3 missions in life. I've found circling to be a great avenue to experience, heal, and transform lifelong relational patterns. I've particularly fond of Circling Europe's dedication to explore the frontiers of Circling. I cherish the feedback and deep level of meeting I've consistently experienced with Sean, John, and Jordan."
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"I have participated in SAS not once but twice, and I wholeheartedly intend to take the SAS journey again in the future. The program has supported profound shifts in my capacity to take responsibility for what I would like to see manifest in my own life and in the world; in my capacity to recognize, respect, and empathize with the complexity of perspectives inherent in human relationships; and to integrate previously abstruse spiritual teachings into lived experienced."
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"Take SAS if you want to communicate more clearly, deliberately, directly and intentionally."

John is one of the co-founders of Circling Europe. Together with Sean (the other co-founder) he has developed a unique flavor of Circling based on the 5 principles leading to the Surrendered Leadership form of Circling. John has helped spread the practice spread to over 25 countries in the last 8 years or so and trained 100s of leaders.

John Thompson


The SAS is a hero’s journey that will bring you into intimate contact with yourself, while being in the presence of others meeting themselves. Many participants go on to be great circling leaders, while others apply the depth of circling uniquely into their life and work or simply appreciate being in the practice to the depth that is possible during this training.


The 6 month SAS Circling and Surrendered Leadership Training is the start of a journey of deep personal transformation.

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