This course dives deep into the theme of conflict and its transformative power with tools from Integral theory, Buddhist meditation, Polyvagal theory, Authentic Relating and Restorative Justice.
In four evenings you get theoretical tools and you will learn embodied and authentic practices from different disciplines.
Conflict is everywhere and as long as we live in a world with other people, conflict is unavoidable. Many of us have learned to avoid conflict by withdrawing or by pleasing the other, but this is not really avoiding conflict, only avoiding the important message about what is really important for you.
“We can shift our point of view to see that conflicts, like dreams, may possess an elegant intelligence that expresses truths we may not want to see clearly. For example, an old pattern needs to be abandoned or a relationship needs to grow or change. We can, with practice, learn to see this intelligence at work and respond creatively and constructively. The conflict isn’t the problem; our response to it is.” Diane Musho Hamilton — Author, Zen master, Mediator
Avoiding conflict often takes much more energy than welcoming it, accepting it, and letting it do its work. It may be uncomfortable, and trigger some deep fears, but when done honestly and with integrity and elegance, as you will learn in this course, stepping into the reality of a situation can bring great transformation.It is a well known paradox in life, that when we allow and welcome all of our experience—especially all that is difficult—life gets a touch of easiness and effortlessness: when what is difficult is met with curiosity, the difficulty of it fades away.
“When appropriate, get curious about the conflict you are in and get closer to it without being reactive and/or defensive. Then allow conflict to solve you. Another way of stating this is to trust conflict to transform you. This is how conflict can become ‘revolutionary.’ ”Rob McNamara — Author, Coach, Teaching Fellow at Harvard


einar teaching

We balance theoretical tools with embodied practices and partner and/or group exercises so that learning can be experienced in the moment and be embodied.

Theoretical tools

The course has an Integral approach and looks at conflict from many different perspectives. The sessions include perspectives and concepts from e.g.
  • Adult Development Theory,
  • Polyvagal Theory,
  • Non-Violent Communication,
  • Wilber’s AQAL model,
  • Restorative Justice.


The sessions will also include many embodied exercises. Among other things, you will get to learn and practice:
  • meditative techniques from Buddhism,
  • techniques from Polyvagal Practises to untrigger yourself and bring in more freedom,
  • ways of bringing and receiving conflict in skilful ways from Authentic Relating practises,
  • tools for mediating conflict from Restorative Justice

Four evenings

This class is laid out over four 3.5 hour workshops, each with its own theme:

1st Evening: The Personal

Awareness and Transformation

2nd Evening: The Relational

Communicating during Conflict

3rd Evening: The Systemic

Restoration in Society

4th Evening: Integration 

Wrapping up

Is This For Me

Yes 😉

And if you are not convinced by that, this course is suited for all people experiencing conflict in their personal or professional life. It is also for everyone who is on their personal development path, working to become more skilful and elegant in their daily life.

To take part in this course you do not need to have any pre-knowledge of any of the theories.

Dates: Thursdays: 24.02. | 10.03. | 24.03. | 07.04.  
Time: 17.30-21.00
Place: Relational Spaces, Ryesgade 15, 2200 Copenhagen
Participants: max 15
Price: 995 DKK

We sell early-bird tickets for 850 DKK if you sign up before January 15th.

What people have SAID

Jonas BergeMD, Ph.D.
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This workshop was a great introduction to new perspectives on how trauma intersects with relational conflicts, using both theoretical and experiential modes of learning.
Sarah Warny BergConsultant, Facilitator
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I have two certifications as a conflict consultant, but the approach to conflicts that Mareike and Einar represent, seems to be by far the most embodied and helpful I have ever met. Besides giving very helpful modalities of conflict resolution, they invite us into a sincere exploration of how we personally act in conflicts in a way, where we don't only talk about it, but also feel it. For me this awareness is essential, in order to truly be able to serve in other peoples' conflicts.
David ErshammarConsultant
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Einar and Mareike hosted a beautiful space for us to meet around our own responses and patterns in relation to conflict. The combination of theoretical frameworks and exercises where I met other participants, gave me important insights into how I could better host myself when tension rises in a relationship and how that could be a pathway to growth and deeper connection.


Einar Boson

Einar rediscovered his body some 20 years ago and has ever since explored the interplay of body and mind. After some time he left his software engineering life and studied at university to become a teacher. After some years teaching, he took the next step and trained to be a body therapist and a circling facilitator. With certification from both ManuVision and Circling Europe he now has body therapy clients and works with facilitation of various embodiment modalities as well as relational techniques. Embodiment, discernment and dignity are central concepts in his work. In the spring of 2021 he started a community conflict mediation organ together with Mareike and has been mediating cases there since.
einar and marei

Mareike Christensen

Mareike discovered Authentic Relating and Circling three years ago and has since been fascinated by the power of connection to oneself and others. She is being educated in Circling and Integral psychotherapy. She has trained as a Restorative Justice Facilitator and participated in an Embodied Intimacy facilitator training. She likes to combine self-awareness meditations with a focus on the body and relational explorations. Besides that, Mareike has researched and studied a number of international conflicts during her bachelor degree. Mreike focuses on mediating conflict and has together with Einar initiated a conflict mediating organ in her community in Copenhagen in 2021.

Are you Ready to embrace conflict?

This course will give you the tools you need to meet conflict in a new way, with integrity and elegance!

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