Urban Retreat

A weekend in presence

4 - 6 November 2022

Heinz and Einar feel very inspired by the power of long meditation sessions where you have the support of a group. We are also inspired to combine the different depths of meditation and Circling to help us go ever farther towards not going anywhere. What can we experience when all goal orientation falls away? What is already here in the present moment that we miss again and again?

Join us as we transform Relational Spaces into a city retreat centre for a weekend in November. We are doing this for ourselves and inviting you to join for only 499,- for the full weekend.
Members of Relational Spaces can join for only 99,-.

We will create an atmosphere of presence and intimacy with ourselves to deepen our experience of being and becoming. It will be a soft container, where we never sit for longer than 30 minutes without stretching our legs, and where the sessions of sitting meditation are broken up by walking, moving and circling (see the schedule for details).


There will be some snacks available, and simple breakfast, but you should bring your own food for lunch and dinner. You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and everything else you need to stay at Relational Spaces all weekend, we will. There are two showers available, and a wakeup bell will ring at 6:15.

If you sleep at home, please arrive before 6:50, or between 8:00 and 9:00, to not disturb the morning session.
Please dress in a way that doesn’t grab too much attention – traditionally this means dark colours and loosely fitting clothes that cover most of your skin.

We also invite you to turn your electronic devices off for the whole weekend. If that is too much to ask, please use them in a secluded area during breaks.

Rough schedule

Friday Nov 4
18:00 Introduction, instructions
18:30 Meditation and movement
19:30 Circling
20:30 Sharing and questions
21:00 formal end. Going to bed.
Saturday Nov 5
7:00 meditation and movement
8:00 breakfast
9:00 Circling
10:00 Meditation and movement
12:00 Circling
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Rest
14:00 Meditation and movement
16:30 Circling and sharing
18:30 Dinner
19:30 Meditation and movement
20:30 Circling
21:00 Formal End. Going to bed.
Sunday Nov 6
7:00 meditation and movement
8:00 breakfast
9:00 Circling
10:00 Meditation and movement
12:00 Circling
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Res
14:00 Meditation and movement
16:30 Circling
17:30 Ending and hangout
18:30 Formal end, maybe we will stay for a while?
Heinz Robert talking

Heinz Robert

Heinz has a long history in practicing different styles of meditation since he has been a Buddhist for 11 year from 2000, when he joined a Vajrayana lineage. As he also studied Integral Philosophy the container of this lineage became to narrow and his way of meditating and praying also became more integral, including silent sitting, chanting Mantras and very dynamic Kundalini Yoga practices. The zen-style of sitting still in silence became his most favorite one.

Heinz has also been leading Circling and Surrendered Leadership since 2013 in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and has been a teaching assistant at Circling Europe’s 6 month Circling training. Before he did a one-year training in The Art of Transparent Communication and has led groups in this We-Practice for 4 years. Both Circling and TC are based on the principles and understanding of the integral maps.

Heinz is also the author of the recently published book “Vibrant Collaboration“, where he connects some of the Integral concepts with his experiences and deep research about relational dynamics at the workplace.

Einar Boson

Ever since Einar started to talk he has been wondering about what the bleep is going on?! What is that? How does that thing work? What is outside of space? His mother found it annoying and just wanted him to go to sleep, but his father was proud. They turned his attention towards the natural sciences, both of them being scientists.

At university, Einar had some peak experiences where the boundaries between everything dissolved, and he saw reality beyond concepts. It was quite shocking and confusing and did not fit into any of his ideas of how the world worked. His inquiries now turned towards the inquiring itself and what is this process we call awareness?

He found Zen buddhism when looking for explanations and started to meditate with a local group. That is now 20 years ago. Alas, he is still not enlightened, but working on it 🤞

About five years ago he came across Circling, which allowed him some new powerful experiences of connection with himself and other people, with a new type of depth. Circling came to be his preferred method of connecting to the present moment and he has taken three 6-month Circling Leadership trainings with Circling Europe.

Recently, he went to see a Zen master his friends had recommended and got his love of meditation rekindled. His current passion is a combination of meditation in solitude and meditation in alive interaction. He believes that together they can really bring out the power of now.


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