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Teater Møn


Teater Møn
September 2020
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Sep 17 2020 - Sep 20 2020


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


2000-2500 DKK

Authentic Relating Festival 2020

We bring with love the 5th Danish Authentic Relating Festival.

This anniversary is very special for us, as it will mark the birth of RELATIONAL SPACES. We are dreaming of creating a venue dedicated to Authentic Relating practices in Copenhagen and have started RELATIONAL SPACES as a platform for making that dream a reality. The Authentic Relating Festival will be framed by the practices we want to promote in the space and Authentic Denmark will be turned into something new in the process.

Another wellspring of excitement and special feel about our anniversary is a change of location. As we dive deeper into what we really wish to create and uplift, we have found a place that has an adventures invitation, a raw realness,  a beautiful old deep forest in the background and a spacious view – transformative ocean just in front of us. Elements of potential to explore at the festival.

We wish to weave a even richer and stronger field for relational practices, starting with a solid and warm, safe and sprouting celebration of all gone before and all to come !


The vision of Authentic Relating Festival 2020 is to exhibit and spread practices in which we work from a level of vulnerability and honesty, sharing in the present moment what we most deeply are. At the festival you will be able to choose from a variety of practices such as:

Authentic Relating Games
Circling and Surrendered Leadership
Improvised Partner Dancing
Authentic movement
Voice Exploration
Relational Flow
The Work

While a central point of the festival is to allow you to explore, deepen and try out new practices, the festival is also focused to make space for new and nourishing personal moments and meetings. Consider the whole festival journey – starting with a collective bus tour and ending with the closing ceremony – a continuous, living workshop.


Teater Møn is a former school, now turned into a beautiful venue close to nature.

There is space for up to 70 people camping in the beautiful garden, 20 in a shared indoor sleeping hall and 35 people sleeping in shared bedrooms.

We will organize a free bus to the venue.


There is a total of 99 tickets and sales will open 10th of june.

Tickets are sold at 3 tiers
Ticket 01-33: 2000 DKK
Ticket 33-66: 2250 DKK
Ticket 66-99: 2500 DKK

The ticket price includes:
* 6 workshops
* 9 vegan organic meals
* free bus from and to CPH
* A place to put up your tent / a space in a sleeping hall indoors.

You can buy your ticket on billetto



If you are in need of more comfortable accommodation, Teater Møn has 8 rooms that can be rented in addition to the ticket price.  Each room has 2-3 beds and you can choose to bring mattresses to be able to sleep up to 5 people in each room. If you choose to buy a room you can self-organize who will sleep there.

The price for a room is 1500,- for the whole festival.


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