THE MANY DIFferent things we teach

The practices taught in “Relational Spaces” stand on their own without elaborate framing through stories. We are working with unlearning rather than learning theories or concepts. We want to cultivate and train the wisdom that our biosystems already possess but have been forgotten and replaced with learned scripts. 

By shedding layers of learned behaviours and coping mechanisms we believe we can deepen human connection and trust, and enable more skillful and effortlessness being in the world. The practices we teach all rests on a foundation of building intimacy with ourselves while teaching us to be sensitive and attuned to our surroundings.

Most Authentic Relating Games are verbal, but some are also based on play, dance or singing. Some Games are for the whole group, in others participants meet one-on-one. And even though it’s called ‘Games’, the vibe is often very focused and sincere. There are countless different Games, which can be arranged in countless different ways to create a workshop matching any group’s needs and level of practice.

Joining Authentic Relating Games is usually heart-opening, up-lifting and connects you deeply with the others. The progression of Games is designed in a way so that it’s easy to open up and show more of one self. We normally start with Games where you connect first with yourself, then we continue with an exercise where you meet someone else, before we move to a Game where the whole group unites. You can expect to get to know yourself in a new way and will be surprised by how good it feels to share who you are with the group.

Authentic Relating Games adapt to any kind of context – schools, companies, institutions – and will bring any group of people closer together. Many of the principles behind the Games can easily be brought forward into everyday life, and on request we can design the workshop so that it introduces new practices for your organisation. In that way Authentic Relating Games can bring what often is missing: colleagues, who dare to share what they experience, which is a cornerstone for thriving teams.

With Circling we bring meditative awareness to the in-the-moment experience of ourselves and the group and practice following what is alive for us in every moment.

With circling we bring acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment. We bring ourselves in vulnerability and innocence as well as in our triggers and woundings. This way we build capacities to better understand our body-beings and to communicate our boundaries and longings more clearly.

Through circling we develop our sensitivity and empathy. When we slow down, focus and reveal what is happening between us here and now, we create space for deeper meetings with the people around us, and deeper intimacy with ourselves.

Circling is a simple and impactful way of practicing relating to other human beings and for getting in touch with and embodying our inner longings.

We want to behold that tradition, because we believe that it is beneficial for our understandings to share them with people, that we don’t usually talk with.

Each Samtalesalon has a theme of human existential character. This is because we believe that when we focus on the fundamental glue in our existence, we gain perspectives that are useful for handling everyday choices, worries and struggles. Also, sharing our experiences on human conditions, can help us to feel connected in what we have in common, as well in our differences.

The group will be guided into 3-4 conversation games, that will present questions and dilemmas and invite conversations to flow between philosophical, social as well as personal perspectives. The point is not to share knowledge, discuss or to reach some kind of conclusion, but that each one of us will share our perspectives and like that, contribute to the intelligence of the group.

So come and join our Samtalesalon, if you feel attracted to the topic of the day, and you want to deepen your understanding of your own beliefs through sharing and reflecting with others.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art originating in China. The practice is focused around balance, relaxation and yielding/sticking to incoming force rather than resisting.

In Tai Chi the wuwei principle is at the very core. You constantly work with letting go of preconceived ideas about what is the right way to move in relation to another body and try to relax into perfect equilibrium.