On this page you can find all the different payment possibilities for classes and workshops in Relational Spaces.

You need to make a user to book in our system. Create a user by pressing the ‘Login’ in the menu bar. As a small welcome gift and apology for the hassle with signup, you can use the coupon code “Welcome” to get a 50% discount on your first workshop. 

If you are interested in experiencing more of Relational Spaces, you can get a membership with a discount for the first month. 



We want to make sure that you know what you are signing up for, so here follows the terms for booking and going to events in Relational Spaces. 

Monthly Subscription:
Monthly subscriptions are a rolling contract and automatically renewed every month. They are active from the day you purchase and each payment covers the coming month. You can end the subscription whenever you want. 

No-show fine
If you have a subscription and repeatedly do not show up for a class or workshop that you have booked you may be subject to a fine of DKK 30 as a ‘no-show’ fee.

Cancellations should be made at least 2 hours prior to the class. Cancellations made less than 2 hours before the class will be charged. 

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