Sarah Warny Berg

Anthropologist and conflict counselor

I do Samtalesaloner, because it makes me feel alive to create spaces, where people can share their experiences and deepen their understandings of themselves and existential themes that conditions their life and interactions with others.

Throughout my life, I have avoided political debates, as I haven’t felt safe and well informed enough to throw myself into the aggressive discussions. This has created a strong longing for a space, where I could share and deepen my understanding of our society, our existence, and how we interreact with each other.

For me connection also include connection on a mental and intellectual level, and therefor Samtalesaloner is an ideal format for me to facilitate. It allows me to play with other people on a mental level, where we can shift our focus between our personal experiences to broad existential and even spiritual perspectives.

My gift to facilitate this practice is that I am personally intrigued by opening up my own understandings in conversations with other people. This gives me a natural drive for asking questions to reveal habitual thinking and to highlight and honor, what I experience as connections and contradictions.