Relational workshops And Courses

We can bring our practices to you, your business or your association.  We have experience in facilitating relational workshops in very different environments and are excited about bringing our work into the lives of professionals. 

  • Events: We can facilitate Authentic Relating Game Nights, Authentic Dating Nights and a host of other fun and deep events around the country.
  • Courses for professionals: We organize relating courses tailormade for professionals who want to strenghten their relations to eachother or their customers.
  • Workplace development: We can create space for deeper meetings at the workplace by facilitating various authentic relating exercises.

Hosting and Facilitation

We have a lot of experience in hosting and facilitating participatory design processes and interactive events. From standalone workshops to longer urban development processes we bring the authentic relationships to the forefront of the process.

  • Participatory design; We can facilitate participatory design processes that allow your group to meet at a relational as well as a professional level.
  • Youth work; We have experience in working with creating relational containers and building trust in groups in youth groups.

Rituals and Ceremonies

We are dedicated to bring ritual and ceremony back in human relations. We see many of the rituals that are still present in modern society as void of meaning and want to bring depth and meaning back in the transitions of our lives.

Rituals and secular ceremonies help us to express what we cannot put into words and thus bring about an inner change. We accompany you at all the important stages of your life from the cradle to the grave:

  • Name giving: Greet a newborn or adopted child into your family or community.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate and renew relationships through a ritual.
  • Life crisis; Create a new intention and beginning for yourself after a life crisis.
  • Separation or divorse; Let go of the old commitments and attachments.
  • Death: Say goodbye to loved ones and express your feelings about their life.

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