On this page you can find a list of the various services we offer in Relational Spaces. All prices are estimates. For an offer contact us as hello@relationalspaces.dk

David Ershammar
David Ershammar
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Relational spaces hosted me and my team in relational and awareness-based practices, both to support us develop but also to inspire us in our own work and leadership. Coming to RS was really a beautiful gift and supported our work and process a lot! We are looking forward to developing our relationship with RS and our own work supporting people to reach new depths and creativity in themself and in relationship with others!
 Nicolai Tillisch
Nicolai Tillisch
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”Circling kan bringe store indsigter og gøre os meget mere klar over, hvad der vibrerer imellem os. Peter faciliterede en workshop for til den årlige samling i et netværk, som jeg er en del af. Peter er verdensklasse i at facilitere. Hans ro, balance, indlevelse og visdom er forbilledlige.”
Pædagog på Sputnik Hyblerne
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Tak for den fantastiske oplevelse, du gav mine kollegaer og mig forleden. Dagen sidder stadig i mig som en varm og rørende oplevelse, som har fyldt mig med glæde. Det føles meget værdifuldt at have delt så meget nærhed og dybde med de mennesker, jeg til daglig er professionel med. Sarah, du har virkelig en evne til at bringe folk tættere på en meget professionel måde, som er tryg og spændende at læne sig ind i.
Milena Skaarup
Milena Skaarup
Leder af Reden Internationale krisecenter
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Sarah har været en fornøjelse at samarbejde med. Hun faciliterede en workshop om arbejdsglæde og kommunikation på vores arbejdsplads og formåede med sin dygtige tillidsskabende facon, at skabe et rum hvor vi kunne tale sammen på anden måde, end vi gør til daglig. Alle gik derfra med stor positivitet og glæde over dagen og over deres arbejde og kollegaer.


We can be booked for tailormade workshops that can be fitted into your event, conference or party. 
  • Authentic Relating Games Night ask for individual offer

    We bring authentic relating to your party, your café or event and enable your guests to connect at a deeper level.

  • We can facilitate conversation events around a theme of your choice if you want to give your guests an evening where the screens are left behind.

  • Conflict Resolution ask for individual offer

    We have people how are trained in Restorative Justice and Conflict management, who are able to hold a workshop for your organization.


We can provide everything from a very intimate setting for your close friends (10 people and one room) to large walk-in events (100 people using the whole space).
  • Birthdays 1500-4000,-

    Book a room and a facilitator, start your birthday party with Authentic Relating Games or Improvised Partner Dancing and see your friends connect like never before.

  • Bachelor Parties 1500-4000,-

    Book a room and a facilitator and use this one-time opportunity to go deep with your friends and loved ones.

  • Reception 5000-15000,-

    Book all of relational spaces for your reception, book release or vernissage. Contact us for ideas on how to get your guests to mingle and relate.


We have experience in facilitating relational workshops in very different environments and are excited about creating connection into the everyday life of organizations. 
  • Improved relating at work ask for individual offer

    Our facilitators create space for more honesty and trust at the workplace by facilitating various authentic relating exercises.

  • Improved relating in education ask for individual offer

    We tailor courses for school classes and students as a part of establishing social connections or transforming unhealthy dynamics.

For organizations and companies

We support healthy organizations by providing body therapy, relational group counselling and conflict resolution. 

  • Body Therapy Subscription 6000,-

    We offer subscriptions on body-therapy for businesses and organizations, bringing your team (max. 10 people) back to their bodies and senses every month.

  • Relational Health ask for individual offer

    How much does it cost to have an employee go on sick leave because of stress? How much time is wasted at the workplace because of unresolved conflicts. In Relational Spaces we believe that healthy organizations are the ones who address and work with the bodily and relational health of their teams. With this monthly subscription your organization gets:
    - 3 hours of relational group counselling pr. Month.
    - 10 hours of body therapy pr. Month.
    - Support from our restorative justice & conflict resolution team.

  • Silent Retreat ask for individual offer

    5 days in beautiful surroundings in a cabin, with simple accommodation and food.
    - 1 day for preparation and instructions, last day for reflections and integration.
    - 3 days in complete silence, 1 day of fasting.
    - Groups and teams of minimum 5 people.


We are dedicated to bring ritual and ceremony back in human relations. We see many of the rituals that are still present in modern society as void of meaning and want to bring depth and meaning back in the transitions of our lives.

  • A personalized ritual ask for individual offer

    Contact us for a personalized ritual, designed for your specific life situation.

  • Rituals for important transitions ask for individual offer

    - Name giving: Greet a newborn or adopted child into your family or community.
    - Anniversaries: Celebrate and renew relationships through a ritual.
    - Life crisis: Create a new intention and beginning for yourself after a life crisis.
    - Separation or divorce: Let go of the old commitments and attachments.
    - Death: Say goodbye to loved ones and express your feelings about their life.

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