Waking up to Life

A festival for everyone looking to jumpstart social life again, and to find deeper experiences of connectedness, openness and playfulness.

We will transition together, from the coldness of winter and isolation into the warmth of spring and human connection.

You can also read more, see the time schedule, videos and testimonials below. 

There are also lots of pictures from previous festivals if you scroll down.

Finally, winter is coming to an end and the isolation and restrictions have been abandoned. As the days grow longer, and life outside starts sprouting, we are creating the Relational Spaces’ Spring Festival: Waking up to Life!

With this festival we want to support you in transitioning into everyday life again, and beyond. For too long, we have been asked to stay with only a few friends, and to give up many things we took for granted.

Now, we want to reclaim our lives, and we want to experience what life could be if we dared to allow our full and spontaneous expression and be received in that by those around us.

Allowing more of your authentic expression brings you deeper in touch with your emotions and sensations in your body, creates more energy and more capacity to be less reactive and more responsive to life’s challenges. Being received when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open can bring more trust, curiosity, and enthusiasm towards yourself and others.

We have named the festival “Waking up to Life”. We want to inspire playfulness, connectedness, openness, and joy. There is, of course, also space for sadness, frustration and anger, or anything and everything that arises in the moment. You are welcome as you are. 

More specifically, we will offer authentic relating, wordless play, breathwork, conversations, exploration of soundscapes, acrobatics, improv, and much more to choose between.  See the programme!

The atmosphere will be intimate with a maximum of 50 participants and ample time to informally hang out with the facilitators and other participants in between workshops.

We look forward to welcoming you, 

and to Waking up to Life, together! 🌸

❝I’ve been at RS for the summer festival and felt completely safe to show myself and behave authentically. Experiencing this in a space where I have never been before and didn’t know anyone shows that authentic relating and “come as you are” are not mere phrases but everyday practice at RS. The workshops revealed many facets of relating that are shared and explored by the facilitators in relation to the group.❞
Svenja Keune
ALX 2021-12 Winter Festival RS - 04940


Testimonials from previous festivals

I was truly glad of being able to take part in such a festival and relate with others in ways we hardly have time for during our heavy-scheduled lives. It was the perfect space for coming together and engaging in a: unique, heart-warming, unveiled communication between the self and the other. I couldn't be any happier with my experience, I am very grateful.
Gerardo Iannacci
I experienced a caring atmosphere that both the Festival facilitators and the participants contributed to, in the work on the connection to yourself and others. The workshops with touch, breath and authentic relating practices were inspiring and have encouraged me to implement them more in my life.
Sarah Ladefoged
Sarah Ladefoged
Being in relational spaces' winter festival was a profound, challenging and at the same time very enjoyable experience for me.
What especially impacted me was the invitation to use the space as a playground and each other to experiment with ways of being more genuine, to bring my full self into all the workshops and the breaks between them. It was an agreement to allow ourselves to show up in our full imperfection, without fear or judgement, and grow together.
The moderate size of the festival, both in terms of venue and number of people, added to the sense of safety in the space and familiarity with the other participants and hosts. It was beautiful how participants and the arranging team blended together in a co-op mission to learn, live and explore.
I'm thankful for the cozy, intimate and playful opportunity to grow that the festival provided for me and the others, and for the team of dedicated connection-enthusiasts who invested lots of time and effort to make it happen in a beautiful way!
Erik Nelson Sherman
Erik Nelson Sherman
I continuously looked at someone with a contagious smile, and I felt happy.
I noticed someone's desire to touch me, and I felt attractive.
A local, who I had never met before, offered me a couch to sleep on, and I felt grateful.
When my feelings mattered to someone, I felt self-worth.
And when someone, with a tear running down her face, shared something personal with me, I was overflowed with compassion. Something I also really appreciated at the winter festival was the absence of spiritual language. This makes you feel welcome regardless of your religious or philosophical beliefs.
My deepest thanks to the organizers of the festival, but even more so to the people I met there.

Festival time Schedule

We have organized the festival around 6 workshop blocks of 2.5 hours, plus 2 morning practices on Saturday and Sunday, and an opening and a closing Ceremony. In each workshop block, you get to choose between two or three different classes. That gives the opportunity to tailor the festival experience to your longings, needs, and energy.  We are selling 50 tickets..

To offer you the opportunity for integration of your festival experiences, your ticket also includes an After Festival Gathering on Tuesday the 19th of April, 6-10pm.

If you want to see which workshops are in the slots, have a look at the programme!

Friday 8.04

17.00: Welcome and check-in

17.30: Introduction games and rituals

19.00: Evening workshops (Workshop block 1)

22.30: Programme ends

Saturday 9.04

09.15: Morning practices (1 hour)

10.30: Workshops before lunch (Workshop block 2)

13:15: Lunch Break

15.00: Afternoon workshops (Workshop block 3)

17.45: Dinner Break

19.30: Evening workshops (Workshop block 4)

21.30: Open social space

Sunday 10.04

09.15: Morning practices (1 hour)

10.30: Workshops before lunch (Workshop block 5)

13:15: Lunch Break

15.00: Afternoon workshops (Workshop block 6)

17.45: Afternoon Break

18.30: Closing Circle

19.00: Open social space, drop-out

Tuesday 19.04 

18-22: After festival Gathering 


You will RECEIVE

  • Access to 6 workshop blocks with two or more workshops to choose from on each.
  • Movement or meditation, every morning!
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • After Festival Gathering 
  • Healthy and tasty snacks during festival
  • Discount of 25% for a body therapy session with one of RS’s therapists (valid for 2 months)
  • Discounted possibility to become a member of RS for only 99 DKK the first month (monthly access to all our daily classes)


For each existing Relational Spaces member, we would like to gift a 20% discount. Write to us to receive a discount coupon.  Or check here, on how to become a member.

Single full festival ticket:

Price: 2050 dkk (buy here)

Single Friday+Saturday ticket:

Price: 1100 dkk (buy here)

Single Sunday ticket:

Price: 950 dkk (buy here)

Family Ticket: 

We also offer a special ticket for parents, where you can come with your child and take turns going to workshops. The price and early bird dates are the same as for a single ticket (buy here)

Support ticket:

If you wish to support our project we would be grateful! Support ticket cost 2500 dkk. In the exchange, we offer you many hugs, smiles, and gratitude.  (buy here)

Cancellation policy

Tickets are non-refundable. If you buy a ticket but cannot come you are welcome to transfer it to another person. 

peter and einar fighting
ALX 2021-12 Winter Festival RS - 4000 x 6000 - 04926

The workshop programme:

This is a list of all the workshops, and when they start, You can see a more detailed time schedule above for a better overview.
Each slot currently contains two workshops, and will be expanded to three workshops if we sell more than 35 tickets.

Workshop block 1 – Friday 19:00

Circle of Sounds

The Circle of Sounds is a ritual about expressing yourself and exploring what it means to be part of a group through sound creation. There will be a collection of objects for making sounds with, and you can bring your own. We will then create a soundscape together, one that arises spontaneously from each of our impulses and that in turn shapes our impulses. You don’t need special skills to participate, and it is not mandatory to make any sounds.

Facilitator: Thibault Schiemann

Intimate, Sensuous, Play

A space for authentic and embodied human connection. In this workshop we explore what connection to ourselves and others can look like when we feel safe and welcome, when we can let go of roles and expectations and have a look behind social conventions. When we take the time to connect to ourselves and drop into our body we can meet others in more authentic and creative ways. In this way being with others becomes more exciting and nourishing.

Facilitator: Peter Munthe-Kaas

Morning Practice – Saturday 9:15

Body Awareness

An exploration of the body through guided movements aiming to increase awareness, mobility, flexibility and strength in the body. The facilitator is a trained body therapist and will guide the movements of the group by demonstration. This form is designed by the ManuVision school for body therapy, and draws inspiration from karate, yoga and body therapy.

Facilitator: Einar Boson

Sitting in silence

We will start the day with some meditative movements and sitting in silence.

Facilitator: Heinz Robert

Workshop block 2 – Saturday 10:30

Circling fundamentals

A journey through different aspects of circling through exercises in pairs and smaller groups. We will explore states of connection, aliveness and presence together to get a sense of what circling is like for us. Also we will do focus circling where one person receives the attention of a smaller group for a set amount of time. This session is aimed at practicing and discovering fundamental aspects of circling at a slower pace and it is beginner friendly to people who don’t know circling yet.

: Emma Lindekilde

Biodynamic Breathwork

Join for an immersive, embodied exploration of freedom, aliveness, and presence through Breath, Sound, and Movement. Breath is an essential component of one’s well-being. We learn different effective patterns of holding our breath throughout life to reduce what we feel when encountering challenging moments, especially during childhood. As a result, we also reduce access to vitality, freedom, intuition, creativity, and the essence of the Being.

Once breath regains its capacity we can reestablish access to various suppressed responses of our body, and potentially also unexpressed emotions and energies. 

Facilitators: Mateusz Jędrzejewski

Workshop block 3 – Saturday 15:00

Connect in Intimacy

You will be guided to connect first to your own breath, movement and body in a calm and meditative space. We will work with synchronizing our breaths together and meet in touch to get a calming effect on our nervous system. The slowness in this practice allows us to connect more profoundly to ourselves and other people and find grounding and peace in ourselves.

Facilitator: Marei Christensen

Pro Action Café

The Pro Action Café is a space for creative and action oriented conversation where participants are invited to bring their call – project – ideas – questions or whatever  they feel called by and need help to manifest in the world.

The concept of Pro Action Café is a blend of “World Café” and “Open Space” technologies.

As a conversational process, the Pro Action Café is a collective, innovative methodology for hosting conversations about calls, questions, and projects that matter to the people that attend. These conversations link and build on each other as people move between “cafe tables”, cross-pollinate ideas and offer each other new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in their life, work, organization, or community.

Facilitator: Heinz Robert

Workshop block 4 – Saturday 19:30

Spring Salon

At the Spring Salon you are invited to share your creativity. Maybe you’ve written a song you want to share, a poem you want to read, or you have rehearsed a theater scene you want to show. You are also welcome to join with “just” your senses and presence (as audience).  

Facilitator: Amalie Witt

Playfighting - drop-in

Our playfights are all about connection and combines embodiment, play and circling.

You will get to feel yourself and what happens in a playful and wordless encounter with somebody else.

Meeting another person physically, in a non-sexual space with your power invited, can be a really strong experience of your potential and aliveness. In the fight, people often connect with unexpressed emotions and gain new insights about themselves.

All of it happens within a clear framework for safety.

Facilitator: Einar Boson

Morning Practice – Sunday 9:15

Kundalini Meditation

Many of us experience the struggle of meditation in stillness, noticing the mind being hyperactive, and the general sense of restlessness. This meditation journey seems to be tailored for that experience, that is so common in contemporary society. It consists of 3 active stages, allowing the body the shake itself, move and stretch following the inner instinct, and dance to support waking-up vitality and opening for more freedom. It ends with stillness, which after the movement process is often more silent and calmer. Meditation is inspired by ‘Kundalini Meditation’ from Osho – Indian mystic. It has clear structure and instructions, so if you find it helpful you will be also able to take it home and include it in your daily practice. 


Facilitator: Mateusz Jędrzejewski

Clowntact dance

If you have ever witnessed a (contact) dance workshop and thought: “that looks fun, but it’s not for me, I can’t move that elegantly”, then this workshop is for you! If you’re a high soaring contact impro swan curious for new input, this workshop is for you! If you are just out to have a bit of fun while using your body, this workshop is for you! 


So this is a contact dance workshop where the focus – rather than on elegance, minute body control and flowing movement – is on playfulness and fun, letting go of restraints, embracing failure and enjoying the fall. It will be awkward. That’s the point! But we’ll embrace the awkwardness to the point where we transcend it into a whole other form of elegance: the elegance of the inelegant.


Contact impro meets clown, with a dash of partner acrobatics.

Facilitator: Emma Lindekilde and Morten Skovgaard

Workshop Block 5 – Sunday 10:30


In Circling you are invited to bring your presence, aliveness and vulnerability into connection with another person or a group. 

In this workshop, we sit together, and bring our attention to the present moment with all that it contains for each of us. From there we share with each other what we notice and how we are impacted by each other, some of the time in the whole group, some of the time in smaller groups.

Through circling you can develop your sensitivity and empathy, build capacities to better understand your feelings and impulses and you can learn to better sense and communicate your boundaries and longings.

Facilitator: Einar Boson

Theatre Games and Improv

Let’s play! Through different theater related games we will get in contact with our inner child, explore how to say yes to each other and train the gift of making mistakes.

Facilitator: Amalie Witt

Workshop Block 6 – Sunday 15:00

Sensuous Ropes

Shibari or kinbaku is a Japanese bondage art with ropes, which can be practiced in various ways. In this workshop, we will delve into the sensual, meditative and connecting way of using ropes. With only one rope and simple techniques, we will explore the emotional and physical sensations that arise when we tie with another human.

We will mix the group during the workshop, so you get a chance to practice with more than one person. If you participate with a partner and prefer to stay together, that’s completely fine too.
Everyone, regardless of previous experience, can join the workshop. The most important thing is the curiosity and desire to connect with yourself and others.

We start out with a few exercises on consent, in order to create safety and connection in the group. Then we lead the group through an array of simple exercises to practice in pairs, whilst guiding you to connect with yourself and your partner.
Lastly we finish the workshop with a sharing circle.

Facilitator: Sofie Krog and Nikolai Pardon


The Forum is a community ritual for open sharing and listening. The intention is to invite any form of expression (i.e. through words, movements, sounds, etc.) in front of an engaged audience. We take turns in becoming ‘the protagonist’ who shares/explores whatever is alive in them, and then mirror to them what we have seen or experienced. It is a daring, liberating, and insightful space, and it is the strictness of it that makes expressions so free. 

Facilitator: Thibault Schiemann

we look forward to seeing you at the festival!

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