About this Event

Welcome to the Relational Spaces Festival – Winter edition!

The unique, cozy, warm, and intimate flavor of a festival, tailored for a slower pace of life in the winter times.

During the event you will get to experience a broad selection of the practices we work with at Relational Spaces, facilitated by our core crew of teachers. Offered workshops will focus on vulnerability, honesty, embodiment, togetherness, and presence. We are deeply passionate about exploring and sharing tools that support integrating these qualities into daily life and we would like to share them with you.

Soon after the festival many of us will visit our families for the Christmas break. During that time, our capacity for empathy and self-awareness is often challenged, therefore it seems to be a particularly interesting time to practice these muscles.

While a central point of the festival is to allow you to explore, deepen and try out various practices and workshops, the festival is also focused to give you space for new and nourishing personal moments and encounters. You are invited to use your time at the festival to really explore yourself in relation to others. In our experience, often the most beautiful and insightful moments are those happening outside the workshop room, while we are still held in the space of vulnerability, openness, and curiosity.


Svenja Keune
I’ve been at RS for the summer festival and felt completely safe to show myself and behave authentically. Experiencing this in a space where I have never been before and didn’t know anyone shows that authentic relating and “come as you are” are not mere phrases but everyday practice at RS. The workshops revealed many facets of relating that are shared and explored by the facilitators in relation to the group. I also experienced that there is a lot of space for co-creation and support if one has an idea to contribute with. RS to me feels like a safe haven where I wish to spend more time.


Gerardo Iannacci
I was truly glad of being able to take part in such a festival and relate with others in ways we hardly have time for during our heavy-scheduled lives. It was the perfect space for coming together and engaging in a: unique, heart-warming, unveiled communication between the self and the other. I couldn’t be any happier with my experience, I am very grateful.


We have organized the festival around 6 workshop blocks of 2.5 hours and morning practices on Saturday and Sunday. In each workshop block, you get to choose between 2 different classes. That gives the opportunity to tailor the festival experience to your personal longings, needs, and energy. 

This time we would like to invite you also for an After Festival Gathering on Monday 13th December 7-10pm.

17.00: Welcome and check-in
17.30: Introduction games and rituals
19.00: Evening workshops (Workshop block 1)

  • Why are you here?
  • Circle of Sounds

22.00: Programme ends

09.15: Morning practices (1 hour)

  • Body Work Flow
  • Sitting in Silence

10.30: Workshops before lunch (Workshop block 2)

  • Inviting Aliveness
  • Unpacking Conflict

13:15: Lunch Break
15.00: Afternoon workshops (Workshop block 3)

  • Circling Surrendered Leadership – without words
  • Loneliness

17.45: Dinner Break
19.30: Evening workshops (Workshop block 4)

  • Open Stage
  • Playfight drop-in

21.30: Open social space, party vibe 

09.15: Morning practices (1 hour)

  • Humming Meditation
  • Morning Workout and Stretch

10.30: Workshops before lunch (Workshop block 5)

  • Connect in Intimacy
  • Paths to Circling

13:15: Lunch Break
15.00: Afternoon workshops (Workshop block 6)

  • Circling
  • Forum

17.45: Afternoon Break
18.30: Closing Circle
19.00: Open social space, drop-out

After: Extra-curricular Cacao Ceremony (100 kr extra)


For each Relational Spaces member, we would like to gift a 25% discount. Write to us to receive a discount coupon.  Check here, on how to become a member.

Whole weekend, one person: 1750 dkk (click here)

Parents: We also offer a special ticket for parents, where you can come with your child and take turns going to workshops. This is 1750 dkk (click here)

Day tickets:

Friday + Saturday: 950 dkk (click here)

Sunday: 850 dkk  (click here)

Within every ticket, there is also included an invitation for After Festival Gathering on Monday 13.12 19-22.

peter and einar fighting


Workshop block 1 - Friday evening

Why are you here?

This workshop can be a nice entry for this weekend, if you wish to deepen your understanding of why you have actually chosen to spend your weekend here. What are your deeper longings? And how do you wish to fulfil them here?

Facilitator: Sarah Warny Berg

Circle of Sounds

The Circle of Sounds is a ritual about expressing yourself and exploring what it means to be part of a group through sound creation. Creating sounds together is a powerful tool to enter into a collective state of flow through which we feel connected and alive.

Even though sound can become music, this ritual explores sounds in a more general sense. We will work with anything that can generate sounds: our body, our voice, our environment, and objects. No musical experience is required to take part in the Circle of Sounds.

Before the ritual we will start with facilitated exercises around creating sounds. They help us to feel comfortable with making sounds in the presence of other people, and establish an initial connection between participants.

To participate in the Circle of Sound, please bring at least one object with which you would like to explore sounds. This can be anything: a music instrument, a pot, keys, a drum… Other people will also use the object that you bring, so please bring something you feel comfortable if other people hold it in their hands.

Facilitator: Thibault Schiemann

Saturday Morning Practices

Body Work Flow

Soft bodywork with a partner followed by a guided movement meditation.

Facilitator: Peter Munthe-Kaas

Sitting in silence

Sitting in silence is a method used to quiet the mind and become present. To do it, you simply sit and don’t talk or do anything. In today’s noisy and distracting world, it can be challenging for a beginner. Often, people don’t realize they’re being influenced by their conditioning and what’s going on around them, especially by the constant chatter of their minds.

We just sit upright on a cushion or chair for 45 minutes, preferably with closed eyes, noticing our breathing and let thoughts and feelings pass without evaluation.

Facilitator: Heinz Robert

Workshop block 2 - Saturday before lunch

Inviting Aliveness

An immersive, embodied exploration of freedom, aliveness, and presence through Breath, Movement, and Touch. We will meet in the search of expressions and impulses which are held back and create more space for them to be welcome and manifested.

Facilitator: Mateusz Jędrzejewski

Unpacking Conflict

 We will explore conflicts and how to transform them with concrete tools of meaning making, different perspectives and self-awareness. In this workshop, you will be guided through exercises and reflections drawing from Integral Theory, meditative practices, Buddhism, Restorative Justice practices and Authentic Relating and have the chance to work with your own conflicts. 

Facilitators: Einar Boson and Mareike Christensen

Workshop block 3 - Saturday after lunch

Circling Surrendered Leadership - without words

Surrendered leadership is a paradox: Self-guidance, in connection with, and devotion to the whole. It takes a willingness to open up to yourself and your connection to everyone and everything else. Make your experience deeply yours, trust what is emerging, and stay connected on an embodied level. It also means not to tolerate anything. To see the chance for one’s own responsibility in every situation and to find more ways not to leave the responsibility outside of oneself.
This workshop will start with an introduction to Circling, and then transition into surrendered leadership – some of it without words, just embodied exploration.

Facilitator: Heinz Robert


In no other time in history have we been as “connected” as today, yet as lonely. In fact, loneliness is as deadly as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Unpack loneliness, its paradoxical mechanisms, and explore how you may also be making yourself lonely – in contact

Facilitator: Aglaia Michelaki

Workshop block 4 - Saturday evening

Open Stage

On Saturday evening dec. 4th at the Winter Festival in Relational Spaces you can take part in the Winter Celebration Salon. What will happen at the salon? Well, that is up to you!  I would like to invite all the creative souls out there to participate and share during the evening. Maybe you want to play a little concert, show a piece of a theatre performance, create a game with other participants, read a poem or something else! Everything is welcome as long as it somehow relate to the theme “Winter Celebration”. Please write me if you have anything to share and bring what you need for the sharing. There will be a microphone, a piano and a guitar available. I will not set a deadline for when I have to know, so you can tell me if you have something to share when I see you there!

Facilitator: Amalie Witt

Playfighting - drop-in

Our playfights are all about connection and combines embodiment, play and circling.

You will get to feel yourself and what happens in a playful and wordless encounter with somebody else.

Facilitator: Einar Boson

Sunday Morning Practices

Humming Meditation

Through humming and hand movements, conflicting parts of you start falling in tune, and you bring harmony to your whole being. The repetitive vibration of humming over longer period of time deeply calms down the nervous system and gives the sense of being in resonance and peace.
Facilitator: Mateusz Jędrzejewski

Morning Workout and Stretch

ManuVision exercise is a body exercise system developed by the body therapists at ManuVision, mainly inspired by karate and yoga.

It has a strong focus on sensing your body, and increasing freedom in the body by challenging your limitations and tensions.
It has a strong focus on sensing your body, and increasing freedom in the body by challenging your limitations and tensions.

Facilitator: Einar Boson

Workshop block 5 - Sunday before lunch

Connect in Intimacy

You will be guided to connect first to your own breath, movement and body in a calm and meditative space. We will work with synchronising our breaths together and meet in touch to get a calming effect on our nervous system. The slowliness in this practice allows us to connect more profoundly to ourselves and other people and find grounding and peace in ourselves.

Facilitator: Mareike Christensen

Paths to Circling

Are you new to Circling – or are looking for a map to understand what Circling is about? In this workshop we will explore our understanding of what it means to be in connection to ourselves & others through authentic relating exercises and different conceptual maps. We will end in a surrendered leadership circle.

Facilitator: Anežka Sokol

Workshop block 6 - Sunday after lunch


In Circling we bring meditative acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment. When we slow down, focus, and reveal what’s going on between us here and now, we create space for deeper meetings with the people around us and deeper intimacy with ourselves.

Circling is about bringing our presence, aliveness, and vulnerability into connection with another person or a group. Through circling we develop our sensitivity and empathy, build capacities to better understand our impulses and intuitions and learn to communicate our boundaries and longings more clearly.

Facilitator: Peter Munthe-Kaas and Emma Lindekilde


ZEGG-Forum is a deep and intimate process for groups with up to 50 participants. The aim is to reveal whatever is authentic, alive and true. It creates a space of trust and openness between people. Participants experience the freedom and permission to be who they are and allow others to witness themselves. In many social circumstances “being observed through the eyes of the other becomes the death of my possibilities”. The Forum overcomes this difficulty. In this supportive environment the eyes of the others cease to be the death of my possibilities and serve as generators for healing, growth and empowerment. I can experience that I can be fully protected whilst exposing my deep vulnerability, that my greatest protection is my greatest opening as I am accepted and supported by others.

Facilitator: Heinz Robet and Thibault Schiemann

Sunday Evening - after the end

Extra-curricular Cacao Ceremony

Winter for me is hibernation and integration of the new seeds and flowers of the year. This is why, I want to offer you a space for integration at the very end of the festival.

Shortly after the Closing Circle, The Heart will open for a Cacao Ceremony for up to 20 participants. You will be taken on a guided meditation that leads into a music journey, and the space is made for you to feel the impact of what you have experienced.

An extra cost of 100 kr will be charged for the cost of Cacao and snacks, and you can sign up for this extra little treat by transferring the money to 60774057 the latest at Saturday evening.

Facilitator: Sarah Warny Berg

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