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Relational Spaces?

Relational Spaces is an organization in service of deeper human connection. We see loneliness and lack of connection as some of the most prevalent issues in contemporary society and are dedicated to creating spaces where these issues can be healed, through increased relational awareness, presence and embodiment.

We promote practices that enable humans to relate more harmoniously; to themselves, to other people, to society and to nature. Simple, pragmatic practices that invite people to reconnect with themselves and others. Practices that help people unlearn and let go of patterns, tensions and ideas that don’t serve them anymore.

In a global world increasingly dominated by human invention and intervention, how we relate is increasingly important. We believe that the way we relate to each other in our everyday lives is vital for how we are able to be with the problems that face us on a global level


Relational spaces

A Relational Playground

Relational Spaces is a relational playground and experimentarium. A place to try out new ways of being with yourself and others in a relatively safe container. Our workshops offers a range from very gentle to very confronting, from very physical to very still. From very serious to very playful.

What is

Our vision

We create spaces where human relations can play out in all their beauty. To create spaces for aliveness, presence and embodiment. 

What is

Our mission

We want to battle the epidemics of loneliness and lack of connection by bringing people back to their senses and emotions. 

What is

Our methodology

We promote pragmatic and practical practices that help people to discover and explore themselves as they are right now. 

About our


The practices taught in “Relational Spaces” stand on their own without elaborate framing through stories. We are working with unlearning rather than learning theories or concepts. We want to cultivate and train the wisdom that our biosystems already possess, although often forgotten and replaced with learned scripts. 

By shedding layers of learned behaviors and coping mechanisms we believe we can deepen human connection and trust, and enable more skillful and effortless being in the world. The practices we teach all rests on a foundation of building intimacy with ourselves while teaching us to be sensitive and attuned to our surroundings.

Abstract Physical Larp

Abstract Physical Larp

Embodied performative relating

Abstract fiction, embodied characters and presence based preparation used to explore different aspects of what we as human beings can be and experience.

Authentic Relating Games

Authentic Relating Games

Playful relational exploration

Authentic Relating Games are a collection of group exercises that deepen human connection.

Most Authentic Relating Games are verbal, but some are also based on play, dance or singing. Some Games are for the whole group, in others participants meet one-on-one. And even though it’s called ‘Games’, the vibe is often very focused and sincere. There are countless different Games, which can be arranged in countless different ways to create a workshop matching any group’s needs and level of practice.

Joining Authentic Relating Games is usually heart-opening, up-lifting and connects you deeply with the others. The progression of Games is designed in a way so that it’s easy to open up and show more of one self. We normally start with Games where you connect first with yourself, then we continue with an exercise where you meet someone else, before we move to a Game where the whole group unites. You can expect to get to know yourself in a new way and will be surprised by how good it feels to share who you are with the group.

Authentic Relating Games adapt to any kind of context – schools, companies, institutions – and will bring any group of people closer together. Many of the principles behind the Games can easily be brought forward into everyday life, and on request we can design the workshop so that it introduces new practices for your organisation. In that way Authentic Relating Games can bring what often is missing: colleagues, who dare to share what they experience, which is a cornerstone for thriving teams.



And surrendered leadership

Circling is a practice of attuning to other humans by revealing our authentic truths while staying in connection.

With Circling we bring meditative awareness to the in-the-moment experience of ourselves and the group and practice following what is alive for us in every moment.

With circling we bring acceptance and awareness to what’s happening in the moment. We bring ourselves in vulnerability and innocence as well as in our triggers and woundings. This way we build capacities to better understand our body-beings and to communicate our boundaries and longings more clearly.

Through circling we develop our sensitivity and empathy. When we slow down, focus and reveal what is happening between us here and now, we create space for deeper meetings with the people around us, and deeper intimacy with ourselves.

Circling is a simple and impactful way of practicing relating to other human beings and for getting in touch with and embodying our inner longings.

Essence of Clown

Essence of Clown

Explore authentic stupidity

Through clowning we have to accept and confront the deep vulnerability of not having a clue about what is going on.

Improvised partner dancing

Improvised partner dancing

Rhythmical relating

Improvised partner dancing is an ongoing exploration of what our bodies can and want to do together.

Relational Flow

Relational Flow

Bringing practices into life

Relational Flow is a playful exploration of how to bring the practices we do into a more everyday setting.



Conscious conversations

The name Samtalesalon refers back to a time before television and telephone, when people would meet up to converse.

We want to behold that tradition, because we believe that it is beneficial for our understandings to share them with people, that we don’t usually talk with.

Each Samtalesalon has a theme of human existential character. This is because we believe that when we focus on the fundamental glue in our existence, we gain perspectives that are useful for handling everyday choices, worries and struggles. Also, sharing our experiences on human conditions, can help us to feel connected in what we have in common, as well in our differences.

The group will be guided into 3-4 conversation games, that will present questions and dilemmas and invite conversations to flow between philosophical, social as well as personal perspectives. The point is not to share knowledge, discuss or to reach some kind of conclusion, but that each one of us will share our perspectives and like that, contribute to the intelligence of the group.

So come and join our Samtalesalon, if you feel attracted to the topic of the day, and you want to deepen your understanding of your own beliefs through sharing and reflecting with others.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong

Cultivating Embodied Energy

Qi Gong is a Chinese practice of moving meditation designed for health, spiritual development and martial arts training.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

effortlessness in martial art

Tai Chi is a Chinese practice of effortless movement for wellbeing, balance and martial art.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art originating in China. The practice is focused around balance, relaxation and yielding/sticking to incoming force rather than resisting.

In Tai Chi the wuwei principle is at the very core. You constantly work with letting go of preconceived ideas about what is the right way to move in relation to another body and try to relax into perfect equilibrium.

The Work

The Work

of byron katie

The work is a method of deep self inquiry. It is very simple although often surprisingly deep work revealing our hidden patterns.

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About the


The people behind Relational Spaces come from very different backgrounds and have been drawn together by a shared interest in relational work. We are share the desire to promote practices that enable human beings to relate more authentically to themselves, to others, to society and to nature. We are practitioners as much as we are teachers and facilitators and work on integrating and bringing relational practices into everyday life. 

Anežka Sokol


Anežka has worked as a yoga and mindfulness instructor since 2010 and a Circling leader since 2020. She is especially interested in facilitating for young adults.

Bodil Palmberg

Facilitator, Thai massage

Bodil is a clown using physical theater for personal transformation. She gives thai massage and is in circling & surrendered leadership training.

Daniel Brooks

Facilitator, Ritual master

Brooks has practiced and facilitated Authentic Relating and Zen buddhism since 2010. He is currently a senior course leader for ART International.

Diane Ellefsen


Diane is deeply into the art of rewriting habitual beliefs though self reflection and -connection. Diane facilitates Self-leadership, Circling and Consent workshops.
Einar Magnús

Einar Boson

Facilitator, Body therapist

Having left Software engineering behind after discovering embodiment, Einar is now facilitating Circling and offering Body Therapy.

Emma Lindekilde


Emma has a background in philosophy. These days she is curious about embodiment and explores it through various performance techniques and Circling.

Heinz Robert

Facilitator, Coach

Heinz has a long background in various meditative practices, organizational development and coaching. He is also trained in Circling by Circling Europe.

Lærke Marie Trunjer

Facilitator, Holistic Psychologist

Lærke is deeply dedicated to the service of bringing soulfulness and love into this world. She has a background as a psychologist, body therapist, breathwork facilitator and has facilitated circling since 2017.

Mathias Kromann Rode

Body therapist

Mathias is a holistic craftsman, with a background in theater-production and architecture. Since 2019 he utilizes his hands in Body Therapy.

Michaela Moon

Facilitator, Bodyworker

Michaela was one of the first people to bring Authentic Relating to Denmark. She is a mother, offers Bodywork and facilitates a variety Authentic Relating Workshops.

Morten Andersen

Facilitator, Bodyworker

Morten is a physical performer and massage therapist. He uses clown and movement training to develop awareness, playfulness and vulnerability.

Nina Lund Westerdahl

Facilitator, Ritual master

An architect turned artist, Nina now creates playful art, games and experiences which explore culture, social behaviors and our environments.

Nina Runa Essendrop


Nina is an artist and larp designer with a masters degree in Performance Studies. She has a strong focus on movement and sensory experiences.

Nuno Pedersen


Nuno is a dance teacher. She works with people of all ages to connect in playful ways through dance, improvisation, music and touch.

Peter Munthe-Kaas

Facilitator, Body therapist

Peter has been practicing Taiji since 2006, has lead circling and surrendered leadership since 2015 and has been offering Body Therapy since 2018.

Petri Taipale

Facilitator, Gestalt Therapist

Petri is into practices that helps him to feel into the silence of his being. He works with Meditation, Gestalt Therapy and teaches Contact Improvisation.

Ronja Lofstad


Ronja discovered Circling in 2014 and has been practicing ever since. She is currently on Circling Europe’s “Leader in Training” programme in Copenhagen.

Sarah Warny Berg


From her background in anthropology, family therapy and mediation, Sarah facilitates dialogues around themes of common existential character.

Thibault Schiemann

Facilitator, Ritual Master

Thibault is a theatre maker/game designer, enjoys exploring collective expressions and cultural practices through the form of social experiments.