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Relational Spaces is an organization in service of deeper human connection. We see loneliness and lack of connection as some of the most prevalent issues in contemporary society and are dedicated to creating spaces where these issues can be healed, through increased relational awareness, presence and embodiment.

We promote practices that enable humans to relate more harmoniously; to themselves, to other people, to society and to nature. Simple, pragmatic practices that invite people to reconnect with themselves and others. Practices that help people unlearn and let go of patterns, tensions and ideas that don’t serve them anymore.

In a global world increasingly dominated by human invention and intervention, how we relate is increasingly important. We believe that the way we relate to each other in our everyday lives is vital for how we are able to be with the problems that face us on a global level

  • Workshops: We host a variety of relational workshops from Circling to Improvised Partner Dancing.
  • Treatments: We have therapists, body therapists and coaches who can help you better to relate to yourself.
  • Events: We bring connectivity and relational practices businesses, organizations and private events.

What is


We create spaces where human relations can play out in all their beauty. To create spaces for aliveness, presence and embodiment. 

What is


We want to battle the epidemics of loneliness and lack of connection by bringing people back to their senses and emotions. 

What is


We promote pragmatic and practical practices that help people to discover and explore themselves as they are right now. 


Wuwei is a Daoist expression meaning “non-action”, or maybe more precisely “action through non-action”. Wuwei points towards a form of natural, relaxed, effortless, spontaneous and harmonious being in full acceptance of what is present – moving with the flow of things.

When we work with non-action we are traversing unknown territory and move into a field of not-knowing. The source of movement is sensitivity for that which is and a core practice is to become silent in our minds to give space for experiencing more of what is going on in the moment. To allow ourselves to be changed and co-created by the world instead of stubbornly holding on to our ideas about who we are and what the world is.

The known is contained within the mysterious unknown. By relaxing and unlearning what we believe is true we can see the world as it is really unfolding in the moment. The ideas (dogma, truths, moralities) we hold about both ourselves and about the world is what makes us stiff, inflexible and out of touch with the flow of life.

The opposite of being stiff and holding on to fixed ideas is connecting with uncertainty and generosity. Wuwei offers us the freedom to be generous in sharing our skills and in sharing ourselves. There are no secrets and teaching becomes a practice of vulnerability rather than superiority.

Wuwei for me means not investing in outcomes, but rather being with and sharing from whatever truth is present in the moment – allowing the next moment to unfold. In circling it means sharing my present experience even though it does not make sense or is scary for me. In taiji it means never going beyond the present moment to make something happen – not planning.

Peter Munthe-Kaas