Thibault Schiemann

Why do most house-parties start in the kitchen? Why do we feel alienated by small talk, yet we keep doing it? How come all social gatherings feel almost the same, except for varying degrees of awkwardness? Why is no one wearing asymmetrical beards, and what would happen if we did?

When starting your journey with socionautics, some of these questions (or similar ones) might appear. The one underlying question of socionautics that will always be there is this one: Why do we do things the way we do things — and what would happen if we started doing them differently? Socionautics is the art of not only thinking about this question, but practically starting to see how these changes would play out.


In more complicated words: ‘Socionautics’ is a method both for exploring social conventions and practices as well as transforming them. The method integrates artistic research practices and game/social design into a serious and playful way of moving through the social fabric of reality. Socionautics gives you both a framework to understanding social interactions, and a toolkit of how to change them. In very easy words: Learn how to hack your life (in a meaningful way).

About the facilitator

Thibault is a theatre maker, game and ritual designer, and has worked within the art context over 10 years in various cities over Europe. In 2020 they launched “Liminal”, an agency for ritual and ceremonies that creates rituals for communities and individuals.


The course will make you familiar with the basic techniques of socionautic exploration and experimentation, and introduce you to some theory. In no time will you become a socionaut, perfectly capable of exploring the vastness of Social Outer Space alone or in groups.

The sessions of the course will include discussion of socionautic material, introduction to basic operations, and of course lots of exploration of social interactions. At the end of the course, all participants are invited to host a social experiment of their own (they can use the rooms of Relational Spaces if they want to).

And why would you do that? You’ll learn a lot about how culture and social interactions work, and you’ll develop a deeper understanding about how social situations work and play out. At the same time, with its very practical approach, socionautics empower you to take the responsibility for your own experience of social life into your own hands — without being patronizing or coachy about what you should do with your life. Last but not least, social experiments are one of the funniest things to do while always feeling meaningful.


Dates: 29/1 | 12/2 | 26/2 | 12/3 | 26/2
Time: 14.00 – 18.00
Price: 3000 dkk (earlybird 2500,-)

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