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Relational Spaces?

Relational Spaces is an urban center for Relational Practices and Embodied Leadership.  We see loneliness, disembodiment, stress and lack of connection as some of the most prevalent issues in contemporary society and are dedicated to creating spaces where these issues can be healed, through increased relational awareness, presence and embodiment.

In service of deeper human connection
We promote practices that enable humans to relate more harmoniously; to themselves, to other people, to society and to nature. Simple, pragmatic practices that invite people to reconnect with themselves and others. Practices that help people unlearn and let go of patterns, tensions and ideas that don’t serve them anymore.

A Relational Playground

Relational spaces

A Relational Playground

Relational Spaces is a relational playground and experimentarium. A place to try out new ways of being with yourself and others in a relatively safe container. Our workshops offers a range from very gentle to very confronting, from very physical to very still. From very serious to very playful.

What is

Our vision

We create spaces where human relations can play out in all their beauty. Spaces for aliveness, presence and embodiment. 
What is

Our mission

We want to bring people back to their senses and emotions through connective experiences and events. 

What is

Our methodology

We promote pragmatic and practical practices that help people to discover and explore themselves as they are right now. 

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We host events almost every day in Relational Spaces. 



On this page you can read about the classes and workshops we teach in Relational Spaces. The practices taught and practiced in “Relational Spaces” stand on their own without elaborate framing through stories. We are working with unlearning rather than teaching theories or concepts. 

By shedding layers of learned behaviors and coping mechanisms we believe we can deepen human connection and trust, and enable more skillful and effortless being in the world. The practices we teach all rests on a foundation of building intimacy with ourselves while teaching us to be sensitive and attuned to our surroundings. 


Go really deep with the best facilitators around. 



The people behind Relational Spaces come from very different backgrounds and have been drawn together by a shared interest in relational work. We share the desire to promote practices that enable human beings to relate more authentically to themselves, to others, to society and to nature. We are practitioners as much as we are teachers and facilitators and work on integrating and bringing relational practices into everyday life.

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We have 536m2 split into 8 rooms at Ryesgade 15 on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

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If you are curious about Relational Spaces, our services or interested in hosting a workshop in one of the spaces you are very welcome to contact us! If you are interested in becoming a member to facilitate several workshops, please use the “apply for membership” button.